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Clean Beauty Brand 100 Percent Pure Donates Food to Shelter Dogs

Trust me — this is the best excuse to shop.

A few of 100% Pure's vegan products.

100% Pure is a clean, green beauty line known for its toxin- and irritant-free formulations. Many of their products are also vegan, ranging from body care, to scalp and haircare, to skincare and cosmetics. I've gotten to try a few products myself — such as their Bamboo Blur Powder ($41) and a lycopene-infused SPF. Plus, one of my lifelong friends with excellent taste has always liked the Korean-made brand, which is also refreshingly affordable.

March 1, the brand launched their "Purchase with a Purpose" program. The charitable endeavor gives us even more reason to show our support for the eco-conscious line: For every product purchased, 100% Pure will donate a bowl of vegan dog food to shelters dogs in need.

As a major dog-lover and animal-rights supporter, this is what I call an incentive. Luxury beauty brand Tatcha follows this model partnering to provide schooling to girls worldwide with every purchase.

It turns out, 100% Pure donates to animal welfare organizations regularly through the year already. Part of their mission statement as a cruelty-free company is to reduce the suffering of animals worldwide, within the beauty industry and beyond. In addition to a wide vegan product offering, they make it a point to use skin-loving ingredients, and naturally derived pigment from fruits. Now, their ongoing charitable partnership is putting their compassionate intentions into action.

In case you're wondering why they chose vegan dog food, it's because vegan diets are more sustainable for the environment. Dogs, like humans, also derive health benefits from following a vegan diet. In fact, I personally know of dog named Chance who is both vegan and thriving! (He is the fur-baby of the World of Vegan founder, Michelle Cehn!) The plant-based diet plan is plenty-rich in vitamins, while being anti-inflammatory, aiding with digestive issues, and lowering the risk of certain cancers in our canine friends.

According to their press release, each bowl of vegan dog food can make a real impact. Don't ask me how, but it saves 60 square feet of rainforest, 90 lbs of grain, 2,000 gallons of water, the lives of 2+ animals, and fills a hungry dog's belly daily. This is officially a humanitarian excuse to splurge on the clean beauty brand. You can pamper yourself in a pro-health way while giving back to a hungry pup in need! (I like to say it enhances my self-care game and gives me brownie points karmically.)

The founders of 100% Pure.

To help inspire your dog-loving purchases, here are ten products to shop from 100% Pure. Hint: Some of their vegan products are pictured above!


Dark Spot Remover ($48)


Pro-Vitamin B5 Hair Serum ($38)


Maracuja Mascara ($26)


Bright Eyes ($7)


Anti-Acne Mask ($6)


Vanilla Bean Whipped Body Butter ($29)


Fruit Pigmented Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick - Mirage ($30)


2nd Skin Concealer ($29)


Creamy Long Last Lip Liner ($22)


Long Last Liquid Liner ($30) + Creamy Long Last Liner: Blackest ($26)

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Photos via 100% Pure.

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