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How to Celebrate 4/20 in Quarantine Without Your Weed-ing Ladies

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

For starters? Alone.

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Guess what? The pressure is off this year. You have literally every excuse to stay in, get comfy, and eat well. As tempting as it can be to distract ourselves from the grim reality of the global pandemic, the normal flow of life must be sacrificed until this health crisis is dealt with. For months now, it's been getting harder and harder to cope as we shelter-in-place in self-isolation — physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

It is worth celebrating, however, that the cannabis industry has been deemed essential in California, along with other states — Michigan, Nevada, etc. — and countries like Canada following suit. CNBC reports that the pandemic may actually speed up the process of cannabis legalization, while the thinktank, Brookings, touches on the various avenues for regulation that this process entails. Thinking bigger-picture, the federal and state-wide endorsement of this industry could help lift us collectively out of financial dire straits.

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To be frank, cannabis and CBD stigma still exists — multiple outlets that I contribute to steer clear of promoting cannabidiol pointblank, even though it is indisputably legal.

With the global economy on the decline — so seriously that many are pushing to reopen businesses stateside, in spite of the health dangers this poses — and our mental health on the precipice (ok, I'm speaking personally here)...

What if conservative politicians, fearful law-makers, and closed-minded constituents recognize the merits of embracing, nurturing, and regulating such a lucrative industry?

Could a global pandemic, hitting metaphorical rock bottom, inspire these new avenues of possibility? To quote Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood, it's time to drink from the Mary Jane milkshake — "Drink it up!" — and I don't even drink milkshakes.

Thinking pragmatically, holding onto divisive, fear-based judgments has never been more harmful — personally, communally, and freakin' economically. I have never been a proponent of cutthroat capitalism and I personally hate paying taxes, but historically, our country has been able to set aside our judgments for the sake of collective values. For instance, moral qualms about gambling were sated by using profits from the lottery to fund education.

Photo by Artyom Kim on Unsplash

To me, this begs the question: What if medical Mary Jane can help fund healthcare?

Healthcare is on the forefront of the political landscape for a reason. If and when a COVID-19 vaccination becomes available, there are already questions about who will be able to access it — with the uninsured, under-served, and most at-risk populations woefully left out of guarantees. Plus, our political system links benefits to employment, so the high rate of unemployment at present poses some pretty poignant questions.

The bottom line is, now more than ever, cannabis can help preserve your sanity — reducing stress, helping you sleep (which supports your immune system), and treating a number of physical and emotional ailments. Politically speaking, the regulation of cannabis — sans puritanical judgments that make law-makers fearful of alienating their constituents — could help save our economy. Could rehabilitating our economy be enough of an incentive to make the public re-think their judgments against weed as medicine? It's about time this herbal remedy underwent a public re-brand.

Below you will find our top picks for celebrating 420 in quarantine, even without your weed-ing ladies. Here's to celebrating a safe 420 in the time of Coronavirus... and don't even think about passing that joint.



Cannabis-Leaf Shaped Waffle Maker, $64.20

Start your morning with some leaf-shaped waffles, preferably gluten-free! When I was little, my grandma Betty Lou got me a Mickey Mouse shaped waffle iron that I was literally obsessed with. I can safely say that this is the adult version of that most-excellent gift. I've already asked my boyfriend for one just as soon as we get back to California.


Boy Smells

Kush Candle, $32

Lighting a candle always helps to set the mood while laying low, and this classic pick is an editor-favorite.


Empire Glassworks

Ice Cream, You Scream, $79

See? Even if you can't eat dairy, you can still enjoy it to the max. Plus, the founder of Elevate Jane, the upscale boutique that sells this adorable glass-blown pipe, is one of our favorite "weed-ing" ladies of cannabis. Use code '420' at check-out to receive 20% off this Munchies pipe.



Midnight Toker, $185

We are die-hard fans of the clean fragrance brand, Heretic, which is helping to push the cosmetic industry is a rebelliously non-toxic direction. (ICYMI, 'fragrance' and 'parfum' are two of the top sources of hidden endocrine-disruptors, phthalates, neurotoxins, and more found in our cosmetic products. Learn more about the perils of beauty labeling in my article on Fashionista here.)

Back to this limited edition scent: It contains 500 mg of CBD, and is described as a "high from a dangerous lover." (Cue: the entire decade of my 20s). The combo of nutmeg, black pepper, patchouli, vanilla, and more, sounds intoxicatingly perfect.


Not Pot

Elderberry Immunity Vegan CBD Gummies, $39.99

Many of us already incorporate CBD into our regular lists of supplements, which is lauded for it's anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, antioxidant and analgesic properties. If you start to get paranoid (hey, it happens) just pop a cult-favorite CBD gummy by Not Pot into your mouth. Why? Because CBD counteracts the effects of THC, which might just take the edge off. Plus, the new elderberry flavor brings immunity-enhancing peace-of-mind courtesy of Zinc, vitamin C, Magnesium, and B vitamins.


Flower by Edie Parker

Table Top Lighter in Grape, $595

This vintage-inspired, tabletop lighter is the ultimate statement piece for the upscale stoner. It comes with a matching, resin ash tray.


Luxe Papers

Luxe HDPrint CDG Luxury Rolling Papers, $12.99 for 2

To give your joints a high-end spin, grab these Comme des Garcons-inspired rolling papers. There has never been a better holiday for dressing up your fire sticks with some high fashion flair.


1906 New Highs

Peanut Butter Bliss Cups for Happiness

A scrumptious edible that blends THC, CBD, as well as theobromine, sceletium tortuosm, magnolia, and l-theanine for an uplifting combo that will make you happy and social — rather than sleepy and introverted. Of course, they have blends for that, too...


Ardent Cannabis

Nova FX Decarboxylator & Infuser, $350

Dreams really do come true... It's the "easy bake oven" — for edibles! The website also contains recipes and pre-made mixes for cloud cakes, infused caramels, and more. You can also use it to infuse olive oil, coconut oil, vegan butter, or any of the necessary prerequisites to take your love of the good doctor, Dr. Herb, to the kitchen. Talk about a game-changer.


Sunday Forever

x Poplar - Limited Edition, $42

Sunday Forever is a self-care sanctuary, with everything you need to lounge, relax, cleanse your aura, and elevate your vibe in Cool-girl style. Founder Ashli Stockton's taste is second-to-none, and this limited edition collab with the green community's Poplar is everything. Need.


Flower by Edie Parker

Weedie Parker Diner Tee, $125

What better tee to lounge in than this one?


Jacquie Aiche

Sweet Leaf Flower Eye Black Sweatpants, $190

Lounging is allowed and encouraged, preferably in a pair of cozy sweats. Give yourself permission to put aside your athleisure or at-home yoga practice, and dive into couch potato-style chilling.


Jeff the 420 Chef

The 420 Gourmet: The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cuisine, $29.99

There are kosher, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options to choose from in the celebrity chef's guide to herb-infused cuisine — from brunch to full-on dinners. Cooking has been a game-changing form of self-care while coping with the stress of COVID-19 and life in quarantine.


Saint Jane

The C-Drops, $90

No need for makeup since you'll be chilling in place. But you can still look glowy and bright — naturally — thanks to the new launch from the cult-favorite clean, CBD-infused beauty brand, Saint Jane. Vitamin C is a mainstay in our skincare regimens for its antioxidant (i.e. free radical-fighting), UV-protective, and brightening effects. The vitamin C it uses is derived from hydrating Kakadu plum, and is paired with ferulic acid — a synergistic dream team — to enhance it's skin-loving, anti-aging properties of this must-try serum.

Learn more about why you should use CBD in your beauty regimen according to an esthetician here.

This piece contains affiliate links — but literally only one (the Boy Smells candle).

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