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A CBD-Powered Overnight Exfoliating Mask? So Much Yes.

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Hora Skincare launches CBD-infused skincare line.

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When I started this blog, I didn't even realize what a phenomenon canna-beauty was becoming. A community of stoners and CBD-friendlies has made its way to the world of beauty. This new level of mainstream acceptance comes, at least in part, thanks to the federal-level legalization of one of my favorite stress-reducing supplements: cannabidiol, or CBD.

As a former therapist, I was already passionate about the positive impact of CBD on our wellness. Now, the entrance of wellness' buzziest ingredient into the skincare world can only mean good things for a wellness super-freak like me. Even luxury-retailer Neiman Marcus swiped right, launching CBD-infused skincare in January 2019.

After writing my CBD Shopping Guide, which walks you through my personal experience with CBD and offers my tips for choosing your own supplement, Hora Skincare came onto my radar. The Los Angeles-based indie skincare line features soothing CBD in its formulations (skincare superstar that it is).

Hora Overnight Exfoliating Mask ($62)

I was hooked at first glance. Their branding is gorgeous — which matters a lot in this digital age — with formulas crafted using skin superfoods, including barrier-reparative oils, that make their blends anti-aging, correcting, calming, and regenerative.

With a stacked list of anti-inflammatory ingredients, CBD allows for effective formulations that are still supremely gentle. More than sensitive skin-safe, this line should help "irritable" complexions chill the F out.

As a CBD-advocate and avid nap-taker, Hora Overnight Exfoliating Mask ($62) captured my heart instantly. When we sleep, we enter a deep state of relaxation that allows our body's naturally reparative, detoxifying bio-mechanisms to get fired-up. This includes a repair-and-regenerate state for our skin, making nighttime the ideal time for slathering on richly nutritive concoctions.

Hora Overnight Exfoliating Mask ($62)

The exfoliating overnight mask can be used up to four times a week, opting for anti-inflammatory salicylic acid as its exfoliant-of-choice. The regular use of an acid exfoliant helps keep pores clean and free of debris, preventing breakouts. Over time, they improve the appearance of scarring, sun damage, and hyper-pigmentation, also helping to smooth uneven skin texture.

Side note: I am obsessed with anti-inflammatory skincare and often turn to salicylic acid in my favorite skin-clearing, hormonal breakout-preventing mask, Renée Rouleau Rapid Response Detox Mask ($64), by celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau.

Back to your freshly unclogged complexions, the mask provides a dose of Vitamin A, AKA nature's retinoid. The vitamin promotes your skin's cellular turnover, making it a fabulous skin-smoother, anti-ager, and a naturally-derived ally in the pursuit of evenly toned complexions. I am always a fan of how silky vitamin A-rich oil blends — namely, Beuti Sleep Elixir ($65) — leave my face!

The rest of the mask uses evening primrose oil, borage oil, MCT oil, and — of course — 422 mg of CBD, to give your complexion some serious rejuvenation overnight. It helps repair, regenerate, correct, calm, and brighten up the skin — all while you're asleep.

Hora Skincare Super Serum + CBD ($54)

Finding a gentle exfoliant like this one is especially important for those of us who get peels, laser treatments, or resurfacing of any kind. Each exfoliating acid has a different molecular size that determines how deeply it penetrates, as well as your risk of reaction.

The barrier-compromised state of post-procedure skin leaves you at extra risk of irritation from deeper-penetrating exfoliants. I have suffered from a serious skin reaction from a cult-favorite glycolic acid toner from using it too soon following IPL. Lactic and salicylic acids, on the other hand, work closer to the surface of the skin, leaving you with a brightened glow to your complexion.

Hora also carries a skin-calming Super Serum (above). The topical chill pill contains 250 mg CBD and is chock full of oils, vitamins, hydrators. It even contains marine collagen, said to improve the elasticity of the skin. I personally tend to avoid animal-derived ingredients (collagen is typically obtained by crushing up the bones and cartilage of chicken, cows, or fish) because they can be inflammatory for some people, myself included. That being said, I've only heard/read great things about this product for being a potent skin-calmer.

Hora Skincare Clear Quartz Facial Roller ($26)

Hora even sells trend-right jade, rose quartz, and clear quartz facial rollers! Pop one of these babies in the fridge and roll your face post-serum application to promote the absorbption of your products. I think these are the first clear rollers I've seen yet, and I am obsessed because clear quartz is said to enhance your intuition... Considering the breakout I suffered over my third eye chakra, I need this roller desperately.

P.S. If you want to try them both, you can get the Hora Skincare Overnight Mask + Super Serum ($100) for a steal!

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