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A Winter Skincare Regimen for Combination Skin, Featuring CBD

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Including what to bring to the gym.

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Just a few months ago, my skin was in a state of inflammatory crisis — the stress of an international move, a compromised skin barrier, and hormonal disruption left my skin broken out and scarred.

To interrupt the inflammatory process, I paid for a pricy Grand Soin facial at the spa of a Parisian skincare guru, Joelle Ciocco, who works with celebrities like Jeanne Damas and Marc Jacobs. I also drastically reduced the sugar in my diet, and bought a professional-grade LED therapy mask equipped with infrared lights.

I resumed spironolactone, started doing mild cardio, detoxing in a sauna, and added new supplements to my regimen. Once my skin barrier had successfully built up (to prevent reactivity), I resumed exfoliation.

My complexion has been on the mend ever since. The products below have struck an amazing balance of healing and clarifying, while protecting the integrity of the skin with help from my esthetician. Stopping the inflammation was the first step; now I am treating some residual scarring, but as you will see, there are several ingredients in the regimen below to expedite that process.

Check out this CBD skincare regimen for combination skin and shop the products below.


The Nue Co.

Skin Filter, $60

Among other skin-nutrients, each capsule has Beta Carotene (which the body converts into natural retinol, or vitamin A), camu camu (a source of the brightening antioxidant vitamin C), and amla berry (a vitamin C-rich antioxidant and hyperpigmentation-fighter that I wrote about on MindBodyGreen and have an upcoming piece on on Nécessité.co).

You have to take the supplements for two months before you'll recognize a visible difference, but by that time, it should be improving dark spots, promoting collagen production, improving skin elasticity, and preventing breakouts. I am a big fan of The Nue Co. and their functional supplements; Tom and I take their prebiotics and probiotics, too.


Love Wellness

Sparkle Fiber, $19.99

This is great for blood sugar, digestion (regularity), detox, and thereby clearer skin. The digestive enzymes it contains prevent the capsules from causing stomach aches, and my favorite naturopath, Dr. Francis, is on the company's advisory board.



Pro Mask Next Generation, $1,900

This was a major investment, but it was worth it for me. I chose this model of the mask because celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas considers it to be the best one on the market. I have been consistently using this mask now for three months, for 30 minutes daily. To help me pass the time, I'll listen to a book on Audible while I do it (I just finished Calypso by David Sedaris, and My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh).

LED therapy is incredible for the skin and this mask does it all — it possesses collagen-boosting red lights, purifying blue lights, hyperpigmentation-fighting green, and the anti-inflammatory, healing benefits of infrared. Some claim it can also help active ingredients penetrate more deeply, so I'll often mask just after my regimen.


One Love Organics

Botanical A Facial Cleanser, $39

This clean beauty line is one of the best, beloved by my favorite clean beauty journalist, Jessica Yarbrough. Their newest cleanser is this gel, which features exfoliating AHA and BHAs — including salicylic acid, which is anti-inflammatory and excellent for preventing breakouts. The incorporation of plant-based vitamin A makes it anti-aging, as well (see above). It is pH-optimized and designed to be non-stripping of your natural oils, making it gentle enough to be safe in your winter regimen. It's eco-cert organic, made from ingredients of 99% natural origin, and mindfully excludes toxic ingredients.


Biologique Recherche

Lotion P50W, Inquire for Price

This is the mildest blend of the cult-favorite Lotion P50, which still contains alphahydroxy acids (i.e. lactic acid), antioxidant-packed and hyperpigmentation-fighting apple cider vinegar, and soothing Arnica. My skin needs a lot of exfoliation, but it's best to reduce the intensity of your potentially harsh products in the Winter in order to preserve your skin barrier. I use this twice daily and absolutely love it.


Hora Skincare

x Poosh Hyaluronic Halo + CBD, $50

It took me months to begin using vitamin C again, because the famous antioxidant can be aggravating to delicate skin. When my skin was inflamed and extra-susceptible to irritants, I did not want to risk any potential reactions. So, while boosting the strength of my moisture barrier, I used a different hyaluronic acid, apple stem cell extract, and CBD serum made by Priya Apotheca.

Now, I'm back on vitamin C with this gentle serum. I love the hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid, soothing CBD, barrier-strengthening vitamin B3 (i.e., Niacinamide) and vitamin-rich peach extract, which helps to boost collagen production and fades discoloration (via vitamin C).


Brain Dings

Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil, 1000 mg CBD, $120

This is a potent blend of CBD in straight hemp oil, which is non-comedogenic (i.e. non pore-clogging). Sometimes I change it up with a different hemp seed oil blend: Lueur CBD Skin Serum, $80, with brightening rice bran oil, synergistically functioning vitamins C and E, and smoothing, anti-aging rosehip oil.


Infinite CBD

Nano Enhancer, $50+

I add this into the oil for an extra-potent boost of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant (free radical-fighting) and anti-aging CBD. It comes in even stronger blends than 900 mg, which is still on the higher end of what's currently available on the market. Read about the benefits of CBD in skincare here.


Biologique Recherche

Creme Dermopurifiante, Inquire for price

If you're prone to breakouts or have combination skin, this is a great purifying moisturizer with twenty different actives that is even safe for reactive skin types. Arnica, vitamin B-rich yeast extract (a byproduct of fermentation) and micro-exfoliants calm redness, balance sebum production, and deliver anti-aging benefits. It brightens, mattifies, never leaves clogs and I wake up with baby-soft skin.


Alpyn Beauty

Plant Genius Line-Filling Eye Balm, $62

I ran out of my holy grail eye cream by Orveda, and until I buy some more, fate delivered this clean, affordable alternative. It contains hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and bakuchiol oil, a natural anti-ager with results comparable to retinol. The vegan skincare line is clean, botanically-based, and donates one percent of profits to 1% for the Planet.


Akar Skin

Restore Eye Serum, $85

This is an oil serum blend that I have used consistently over my eye for several bottles' worth. The ultra-pure, vegan blend has received over 44,000 four+ star reviews in total, and has been credited with everything from de-puffing, to brightening dark circles, to firming, and smoothing fine lines.

It contains rosehip oil for anti-aging, which is a natural source of vitamin A, as well as brightening kojic acid, healing vitamin E, and collagen — all via botanicals sourced from the unpolluted, high altitudes of Tibet.


Biologique Recherche

Photo via Beauty Aficionado

Masque Vivant,

When I do a face mask, I use this balancing treatment. It contains apple cider vinegar, healing/astringent witch hazel, and their proprietary, amazing fermented complex. It leaves skin glowing, smooth, and balanced... and famously once had a three-month waitlist. It's a stinky, cult-favorite for a reason.

Gym Regimen

Thirty minutes of light cardio, ten minutes of detoxifying sauna time, and then the gentle regimen below. If you have any products on your face, like powder or SPF, you can remove residual makeup with a gentle, biodegradable micellar wipe first.



Free Rejuvenating Herbal Gel Cleanser + Makeup Remover, $39

This makeup-removing cleanser is so gentle that it doesn't strip my skin when it gets an extra wash at the gym. The cleanser won a Green Beauty Award for being the best cleanser for oily or sensitive skin because it balances pH and uses natural extracts like Yerba Mate to deliver antioxidants, vitamins, and polyphenols. It's vegan, cruelty-free, and free of common skin irritants.


Joelle Ciocco

Réserves Nutritives Sensitive Skin Cream, $132

This skincare line is made from the naturopathy-informed, anti-inflammatory skincare philosophy that stopped the inflammation that was marring my complexion. It focuses primarily around strengthening the skin's moisture barrier, preventing breakouts and irritation caused by environmental aggressors, like pollution. This sensitive skin-friendly hydrator is one of the line's customer favorites.

P.S. The brand also donates 1% of their profits to the cause of water conservation via 1% For The Planet.


Joelle Ciocco

Eyelisse, $96

This is an anti-inflammatory eye cream for tired lids. Arnica and gingko brighten dark circles while a fluid liposome gel relaxes the muscles around the eyes. The skin around the eyes is extra-thin and extra-delicate, so choosing a clean, nourishing product is important.


TiZo 3 Skin

Age Defying Fusion Tinted Face Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40, $41

The reef-safe, mineral-SPF (as opposed to chemical), featuring broad-spectrum UVA- and UVB-protection, non-nano particles, and small doses of antioxidants C & E. Celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas sells this line at her spa. I love how this works as a primer, too.

Want to know an esthetician-approved CBD skincare regimen? Read this.

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