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Apothecary Company's Reiki-Charged Crystal-Infused Essential Oil Rollers are an Absolute Must

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

For any scent enthusiast.

Photo by Krystal Ng on Unsplash

Apothecary Co.'s Reiki-Charged Crystal-Infused Essential Oil Rollers are an Absolute Must for Any Scent Enthusiast

by Meredith Schneider

Apothecary Co. is still recognized as a relatively new brand, but is bar none one of the best scent-driven holistic companies on the market. Their essential oil- and crystal-infused sprays are strategically formulated with holistic ingredients to pinpoint different aspects of our lives with aromatherapy, and are reiki-charged for extra healing.

The product design across the entire site is clean, and provides a sense of simplicity that implicitly draws you in. Plus, it’s a female-owned business in the US founded by Sarah Lore, aesthetician, reiki healer, and intuitive empath.

I, myself, had been eyeballing these gorgeous products on Instagram for several months and was thrilled to purchase a 3-pack of 4 oz. sprays last fall, aptly titled “Unicorn Magic,” “Full Moon,” and “New Moon”. This pack came with its own white sage smudge stick, which was perfect as I was freshly out of sage and palo santo.

Soon Apothecary Co. will begin selling each of their subtle energy-enhancing sprays in essential oil form, allowing you to bring portable protection and positive vibes along with you wherever you go.


New Moon Manifesting Spray, $19

The New Moon Manifesting Spray is formulated to aid its user in amplifying their intentions, especially around the time of a new moon. In many cultures, the new moon is a symbol of new beginnings and, as such, is a time to evaluate your goals for the next lunar cycle.

Alongside my developing meditation practices in recent years, this has been a godsend to really put me in the mindset for my self-love ceremonies. It gives me peace of mind to set intentions that are specific to my career and personal goals. This scent boasts citrine, clear quartz, bergamot, and lime.

Choose to spray on your person, or across your altar for an ambiance you just won’t regret!


Full Moon Surrender Spray, $19+

The Full Moon Surrender Spray is something that I have been using quite frequently lately, aside from any type of full moon ceremonies I may find myself participating in. This particular formula is designed to aid in releasing any harmful patterns or energies in your life. It can also be used to inspire serene sleep and relaxation, which is something we have found that a lot of people have been looking for solutions for lately.

Packed with the benefits of black tourmaline, palo santo, clary sage, and lavender, this scent is perfect to spray on your pillow for a restful night’s sleep, or to spray when you have a particularly difficult decision to make. I consistently rely on it during the full moon, when I feel a lot more in-tune with my environment and feel as though I have been carrying the weight of the world.


Unicorn Magic Shielding Spray, $19

I gifted the Unicorn Magic Shielding Spray to my mother, as it is intended to banish negative energy. Since her job can often be stressful (whose isn’t?), I wanted her to have the benefits of her birthstone — amethyst — on her side to get through tough situations.

Other ingredients include lavender, bergamot, ylang-ylang, rose quartz, and clear quartz. It seems to be a catch-all to promote positive feelings and intentions, and smells absolutely divine. She has admitted to using the spray when she is getting ready for a particularly difficult day, and I have detected the scent on her several times since she started to use it.

Photo via Instagram via Apothecary Co.

Though Apothecary Co. sells an array of products — including these luxury sprays, a sleep elixir, crystal points, charcoal masks, and more — their latest offering is a collection of elixirs in the same vein as the sprays I have fallen so madly in love with. With offerings like “Mermaid Magic” (mood and energy boost), “Abracadabra” (restful sleep boost), “Flower Child” (strength and power boost), “Full Moon,” and “Unicorn Magic,” they have chosen from some of their most popular offerings, providing convenient essential oil rollers made with coconut oil.

The .33 oz size alone is magical, as it provides the jetsetter — or just your regular, run-of-the-mill vacationer — more wiggle room to bring their favorite scents with them. Yup, they’re conveniently sized for the on-the-go scent enthusiast. You don’t even have to check a bag!

These reiki-charged rollers are available for preorder now, and will ship out in July. Plan ahead, and secure one (or all) of these suckers right away, as we can’t imagine they’ll stay in stock long with the hype around them!

What are your favorite high-vibe goodies? Tell me on Instagram!

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