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Extra, Extra! More Than 25 Beauty Brands Are Now Making Hand Sanitizer

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Plus, some are providing relief in the fight against COVID-19.

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Could specialty hand sanitizer become a future norm in our beauty collections? Although washing with soap and water is preferable, rinse-free, gel hand sanitizer is a great back-up plan for preventing the spread of germs and bacteria. As we struggle to contain the global spread of Coronavirus and resulting COVID-19, hand sanitizer has been one of the essentials to become difficult to keep stocked. To remedy this, beauty brands have stepped up to make up for short supply, reallocating their production in varying degrees to formulate and produce hygiene’s newest necessity. Many make it a point to give back, whether to the healthcare workers on the frontlines, or to at-risk populations like the homeless.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends formulas that contain 62% alcohol content in order to adequately kill germs. The problem is, high alcohol content can be drying to the hands, resulting in redness, inflammation, dryness, cracking, and dermatitis. Hence beauty brands which have now begun to put in-depth skincare knowledge to good use, incorporating hydrating ingredients like glycerin, aloe, and other conditioning agents into their formulas. Others still distinguish between alcohol sources, and incorporate anti-bacterial and anti-microbial essential oils into the mix. Distinguishing their specialized products from your average bottle of Purell, these customized blends help prevent the painful consequences of excessive hand-washing — while still helping to keep you safe. (You can also learn more about treating red, inflamed skin in my article on MindBodyGreen.)

Lastly, DIY-ers can learn to make their own DIY hand sanitizer recipe created by Lauren Gannes, founder of the luxury aromatics and CBD brand, HIGHBORN. [Ed. Note: This article does not contain affiliate links and I am collecting no portion of any sales made.]

Stay tuned as more beauty brand announce new product launches of hand sanitizer — like Jane Iredale's Hand Sanitizing Spray, which will be here in May!


The founder of the luxury clean beauty haircare line, Nomad, *just* launched Neat, a company specializing in the creation of hand sanitizing gel. It kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria — without water — in seconds flat, and you can buy up to ten in a pack. Soon they'll be selling sanitizing hand spray and hand wash, too, so stay tuned to their website.


The green beauty brand, founded by Adina Grigore, author of Skin Cleanse, takes sensitive skin into account. Available in both 30% and 60% concentrations of alcohol, each comes with a free hand cream to further protect the hands from dryness.

Our luxury pick is this certified vegan, cruelty-free orb of cleanliness, which is loaded with prebiotics and humectants to keep hands clean and nourished. Tending to the skin's microbiome with prebiotics (which feed the probiotics naturally found on the skin) helps enhance the skin's acid mantle, which functions like the skin's natural immune system. You can also pick up a larger sized version, Air-Free Eco Pump, $48, on the website.


The clean fragrance brand's gel contains 62% alcohol and incorporates healing witch hazel into the formula. The fragrance, Sun Shower, contains hints of jasmine tea and lemon leaves. The first 20% of production is being donated to UCLA Medical center in Los Angeles, and Mount Sinai Hospitals in New York City.

Try out green beauty's very own sanitizing "moonshine" to give your mitts a proper cleanse. The blend contains 70%+ alcohol made from organic grapes, as well as glycerin, witch hazel, and anti-bacterial sweet orange essential oil. The tonic is cruelty-free, 100% organic, and the first Made Safe certified hand sanitizer on the market. Plus, it's food-grade — but don't drink it.

The quick-drying, alcohol-based spray helps prevent the spread of germs along with anti-bacterial tea tree oil, as well as glycerin and aloe. A portion of profits will go to the HealthRIGHT 360, a San Francisco-based, non-profit agency that provides health care to homeless and low-income residents of California.

The sustainable vegan brand created a 75% alcohol-based hand sanitizer spray produced through their parent company, ORLY International. Their first 5,000 bottles were donated to the at-risk homeless population in the City of Los Angeles through a partnership with the mayor's office.

Containing 65% alcohol, the clean formula also incorporates conditioning aloe, glycerin, antioxidant-rich green tea extract, rose water, witch hazel, and yucca extracts to help protect the skin from the effects of over-washing. When it's not sold out, you can buy it in 2 oz bottles for $6, in 10 oz for $18, or as a duo for $34.

On that note, you can nab some 75% hand sanitizer spray from the clean nail polish company as well. It contains only four essential ingredients without any added fragrances or oils. The first batch of 10,000 were donated to the City of Los Angeles with a special emphasis on the city's most at-risk populations.


The plant-based blend contains 65% organic cane alcohol distilled from non-GMO sugarcane, as well as steam-distilled eucalyptus hydrosol, green tea extract, and glycerin. Eucalyptus and mint essential oils provide refreshing aroma — plus they're known to be good for the respiratory system.


From the brand that makes some of the cleanest nail polish in the industry comes this 70% isopropyl alcohol topical solution gel with vitamin E and conditioners to help prevent over-drying.


Luxury, sustainable fragrance brand St. Rose launched SHIELD containing 80% organic sugar cane alcohol and anti-microbial colloidal silver. For every bottle of hand sanitizer sold, a 15ml bottle is being donated to the first responders and hospitals in NYC. When you buy a 60 mL bottle, it comes with a funnel for easy refills.


The clean beauty champs at Saie launched an FDA-approved sanitizer made from alcohol, vitamin E, glycerin, and tangerine oil for a scrumptious scent. The brand is also donating bottles to Feeding America, an organization helping out under-served populations.


If you spend over $30, you'll get a free bottle of Eir NYC's 65.7% alcohol hand sanitizer, which delivers anti-inflammatory calendula-infused olive oil, and anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-anxiety essential oils like Cypress, Sweet Orange Oil, and Eucalyptus, straight to your digits.


In the UK, each purchase of a Pai hand sanitizer donates one bottle to an NHS frontline worker, nursing care facility, homeless charity, or beauty bank. One of the clean beauty brand's in-house formulators, Tony, concocted the blend in just two days after it was announced that hand sanitizer gel was in short supply. In addition to anti-bacterial alcohol, they incorporate fragonia essential oil, which has similar anti-bacterial properties to tea tree oil.

Clark's Botanicals Hand Sanitizer, $5.65 for 1 oz - $8.63 for 4 oz

Clark's Botanicals Hand Sanitizer, $5.65 for 1 oz - $8.63 for 4 oz

The clean skincare brand redirected 100% of their production towards hand sanitizer. Made of 71% ethyl alcohol, the brand is encouraging users to perpetuate the #FromHereICan movement on social media to encourage sensitivity and calmness int he midst of the global crisis.

Dedicating 5% of production of sanitizer to the Montefiore Medical Center and Northwell Health, the product is available on the brand's website *and* is provided as a free gift with purchase at Revolve.com.


Starting 5/1, refill up to four unsustainable plastic bottles of hand sanitizer with the responsibly-produced formula, which comes in unscented or grapefruit scents. The carbon-neutral company donates $1 from every sale to the Robin Hood Relief Fund providing emergency support to the NYC area.


The formula contains 63% grape alcohol, conditioning vegetable glycerin, aloe vera, and immunity-boosting essential oils. 100% of proceeds will be donated to Feeding America and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy through the end of April.

Julep Comes In Handy Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

Julep Comes In Handy Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

The beauty brand decided to cut back on their production of beauty products in order to reallocate resources towards the production of hand sanitizer. You can find this quick-drying gel, which is infused with aloe and glycerin, from retailers like Kohl's to Kroger's.


The hair tools company now makes 92% natural hand sanitizer. Containing 77% alcohol, organic aloe vera, and glycerin, the FDA-compliant purchase can help keep your hands germ-free.


Produced by their parent company, CHI, the haircare brand now offers 92% natural hand sanitizer as well. For details, simply see above.


With a purchase of $75 or more, you will get one of these 63% alcohol, eucalyptus, tea tree, and Manuka oil hand sanitizers free. Ten percent of proceeds go towards the Covenant House Vancouver, which supplies essential services to homeless youth.


Currently out of stock, but contains mandarin rind, rosemary leaf, and cedar atlas for a woodsy scent and a rinse-free formula.


While not intended to be anti-bacterial, this rinse-free hand wash can help keep your mitts clean, say, when you aren't able to wash your hands with soap and water. Available in several specialty scents, Tulipmania is too Spring-ready to pass up.


Pure vegetable alcohol disinfects, while arnica and silk proteins soothe and protect the skin from the effects of over-washing. This is especially great for dry skin types.


64% alcohol sanitizes, while added hemisqualane and lactic acid make this vegan, non-GMO formula leave your skin feeling soft (instead of stripped).


This esthetician-beloved skincare line created a hand-cleansing blend featuring ethanol and red thyme oil to take care of the germs and pathogens on your digits. Meanwhile, vitamin E, glycerin, and anti-inflammatory orange peel oil keep dryness and irritation in check.


The haircare brand launched a hand sanitizer, too, with the cutest name of them all. 69% ethyl alcohol targets pathogens, while aloe leaf juice hydrates, glycerin retains moisture, and vitamin E aids with moisture levels of the skin.


70% ethyl alcohol, derived from cane sugars, sanitizes the hands, while the brand's tri-hyaluronan complex and antioxidants help to mitigate damage to the moisture barrier. It's a win-win from the clean, Aussie beauty brand.

Once you've sanitized your digits, feel free to proceed with a DIY beauty mask — or, perhaps, a self-extraction.

There are NO affiliate links in this post. Be smart, stay safe, and wash your hands.

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