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Retailer Bluemercury Launches A Conscious Beauty Section

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

The clean beauty revolution is changing the way we shop.

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Beauty retailer Bluemercury launched a Conscious Beauty section reflecting the growing demand for non-toxic beauty. As the market's wellness trend changes the way we shop, changing values for health-consciousness and sustainability are becoming evident at specialized retailers — like Credo and Follain— and certifications at larger stores — like Sephora's Clean Beauty Seal of Approval and the Clean Beauty section at Neiman Marcus. Now, Bluemercury is putting transparency into practice with a specialized curation of pre-vetted offerings.

Data confirms the growing association between wellness and beauty, with shoppers increasingly seeking health-conscious brands that encompass both niches. This can be seen in the rise of "good-for-your-skin" cosmetics — like serum-foundations, for one — not to mention, health supplements with beautifying effects promising outward results from within. Bluemercury’s genuine devotion to walking the walk also allows members access to female-founded fitness programs, like LIKEFIT, during the month of April.

Beauty labeling can be ambiguous territory, but Bluemercury's Conscious Beauty section makes their criteria for inclusion explicit. Each brand that receives Bluemercury's Conscious seal adheres to one (or more) of four different pillars for inclusion that represent distinct, wellness-informed values:

  1. Vegan and Cruelty-Free: All products are made without animal products, byproducts, or animal testing.

  2. Mindful Ingredients: Offerings exclude harmful toxins such as parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicone, and paraffin.

  3. Naturally-Derived: Featured products are made from at least least 70% organic or food-grade ingredients that can be found in nature.

  4. Wellness: Chosen with a wellness-informed value system that makes self-care for your mind and body a priority — including candles, supplements, and beauty tools.

To help get your switch to clean beauty started, Bluemercury is also offering two specialty starter sets to kick-off your foray into clean beauty with some savings. The first is called the Conscious Beauty Collector's Set, $99, which would normally come to a $340 total. The second, Conscious Beauty Discovery Set, $49, would normally amount to $194. Plus, you get a free 11-piece sampling of brands that espouse Bluemercury's wellness philosophy with every $125 purchase!

Now, here are 15 of our top picks to shop from Bluemercury's new Conscious Beauty section.



PowerGlow Peel, $66 for 30

Bluemercury's pride and joy is their co-founder and CEO's own skincare line, m-61, which combines clinical knowledge with clean philosophy. This fast-acting, chemical exfoliant provides a powerful pore cleanse via glycolic acid and prevents breakouts with anti-inflammatory salicylic acid. As an added benefit, exfoliation brightens the complexion and stimulates cell turnover when practiced regularly.


Lilah B.

Virtuous Veil Concealer & Eye Primer, $44

This is our favorite under-eye concealer for its velvety-smooth application and easily blendable application. The texture feels like it grips the skin, making it ideal for providing coverage on various parts of the face — not just the eyes — and is simply divine for days when you want to skip foundation. The luxury brand makes some of the best clean cosmetics available but this particular product is a staple in our clean cosmetics regimens.



Algae Retinol Face Oil, $120

Anti-aging, anti-acne, collagen-promoting, and complexion-smoothing retinol is considered controversial by some for its barrier-corrosive potential. But combined with an oil or oil blend, which helps to buffer the skin from any sensitizing potential, even sensitive skin types can tolerate dermatology's top active. The algae in this formula boasts known anti-pollution effects, making the antioxidant- and phenol-rich beauty oil an excellent choice for city-dwellers. While retinol should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing, the brand launched an enzyme-powered, algae cleansing oil to be the first step of your double-cleanse.



The Body Lotion, $25

The cult-favorite body lotion uses peptides, vitamins, and omegas provide the skin of the body with hydration and barrier-support. For the best results, apply it over a body oil or while the skin is still damp from a bath or shower. One of our favorite PR reps (Hi, Colleen!) swears by this must-try body lotion.



Dermapore Ultrasonic Pore Extractor & Serum Infuser, $99

This handheld device is essentially like a mini, at-home Hydrafacial treatment, using ultrasonic waves to deep clean the pores while applying your serum extra-efficiently. As a separate function, it features an extraction mode to unclog stubborn areas, potentially preventing breakouts and minimizing the appearance of prominent pores.


Maya Chia

The Refresh Mint, $68

This resurfacing mask is an ideal blend of breakout fighting azeleic and salicylic acids, brightening lactic acid, anti-inflammatory curcumin, nourishing chia seed extract, and — as the name implies — refreshing mint. The principal ingredient is hydrating aloe, which soothes and leaves skin smoothe, placing this blue wonder squarely on our must-try lists.


Tracie Martyn

Firming Serum, $195

People consistently rate the elite-beloved serum with five stars — and the top-tier ingredients reveal why. Aloe, balancing squalane oil, phospholipids, epidermal growth factor (EGF), vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, green tea, and even red wine extract make this a truly skin-loving concoction worth the high price-tag.


Beboe Therapies

High Potency CBD Sheet Mask, $78 for 5

Sheet masks have come under fire for creating waste and therefore being less-than-sustainable, strictly speaking. But if you are going to indulge, this is our multi-tasking pick. It combines 50 mg CBD, exfoliating AHAs, brightening vitamin C, and barrier-strengthening Niacinamide, which are just some of the actives making this formulation so enticing. Aloe, glycerin, and algae help to hydrate and condition, while moisture barrier-replenishing ceramides seal all the goodness in. Wow!



Realglow Primer Prep + Go, $32

Read up on why you should use a primer here, then consider giving this clean-ish beauty swap a go. This best-selling makeup-prep step is exclusive to Bluemercury and contains vitamin E and licorice root for added skincare benefits. Be wary of this brand, however, as this is a brand that is “clean adjacent,” but includes some questionable ingredients like Talc.


The Beauty Chef

GLOW Inner Beauty Powder, $70

The line focuses on holistic wellness, helping you to achieve better skin specifically via a healthy gut. The brand's cult-favorite (above) contains bio-fermented probiotics, prebiotics, algae, antioxidants, chlorophyll, and more to bring you outer glow. However, their Omega Elixir Inner Beauty Boost, $59, which you can add to your food or take as a supplement, is the line's most recent launch.



True Skin Serum Foundation, $54

While the brand just launched a squalene-oil based serum foundation, this is their OG formula. It imparts medium coverage via a serum-like formula made from aloe, oils, and more.


Heretic Parfums

Dirty Ginger, $65

Seeking out clean fragrances is nearly impossible — but the cheeky blends by Heretic are reforming the industry in a cleaner direction. Dirty Grass contains CBD, but it smells downright earthy. For something a touch sweeter, Dirty Ginger hits the spot.



Founder's Blend Scalp & Hair Treatment, $40

The beauty of this hair and scalp treatment is that it helps to restore the scalp's microbiome, giving you a healthier head of hair beginning with the roots — literally. Hemp and palo Santo oils are what help do the trick.



Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer, $28

While the brand makes some of our favorite lipsticks and lip balm that is truly bomb, let's face it: We're all staying in. Their newly launched concealer, however, blends skincare-with-makeup to impart brightening coverage via a creamy formula.



Sea Vitamin Boost, $38

Think: Antioxidant and algae-infused hydration — made even more beneficial by the presence of pomegranate — that can be used as a face mist or a setting spray. It's the definition of multi-tasking skincare, plus it's a bona-fide best-seller.

Got sensitive, breakout-prone skin? Learn the regimen of a clean skincare line founder here.

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