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10 Hydrating Body Oils for Smooth Legs

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Layer oil under body butter for the ultimate effect.

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I love the feeling of having smooth, hydrated legs. Unfortunately, I get extremely dry, itchy skin on my legs in the winter. Because of this, I have an elaborate routine to spare myself the discomfort.

First, I try to use a body scrub in-shower before shaving, then slather body oil onto my still-damp calves after lazily toweling off. Finally, I'll lock everything in with a rich body butter.

If I don't go through this multi-step process, my calves feel like they’re on fire by night and I end up scratching them in my sleep.

My two favorite products to layer post-shower.

Crystal Hills Organics Crystal Love Body Serum ($58) + Follain Rose Body Butter ($38)

Just as smooth legs are the best for cuddling, I refuse to settle for scratches and welts on my Sahara-like legs. Tom deserves better than that!

To keep them scratch-free, there is a magical herbal facial oil — Trees and Flowers Calming Oil for Skin ($78) — that works like topical Valium for my legs. The only problem is, it’s intended for the face and is priced accordingly. I find that a body oil and body butter combination is the only way to keep them soothed and irritation-free.

If you suffer from chronically dry skin, it is especially important to incorporate a restorative oil into your skincare for use on the entire body. I am a die-hard fan of body oils and serums, and will do anything to help my legs retain moisture.

Dry skin types are already dealing with a compromised moisture barrier, which allows irritants in and lets hydration out. I can apply endless amounts of hydrators and it’s like pouring water in a sieve. You can heal the barrier, soothe the skin, and quell inflammation — even from allergies — with the use of these lipid-rich oils, which effectively patch up the surface of the skin.

Since a compromised skin barrier puts you at extra risk of reactions from products and pollutants, it is important to study up on common toxins in beauty products. Among them, fragrance and parfum are a top cause of skin irritation. To avoid reactions, I avoid perfume-y products altogether. (I once broke out in hives following a pedicure. I had to go to the Urgent Care and get a shot!)

Here are ten body oils for dry skin to keep legs smooth and hydrated year-round.


Tammy Fender Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil ($65)

I used up my calming lavender body oil and want to try the rose body oil that my aunt has!


One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea ($39)

OLO is a wonderful clean beauty brand.


Marine + Vine Radiant Moon Body Oil ($62)

Eco-luxe beauty at its finest.


Lily De Mai Sensitive Skincare Harmony - Jasmine Lime ($88)

I am in love with the barrier-restorative ingredients in this dreamy blend. Lavender Geranium and Unfragranced are both out of stock. This product is definitely on my wish list.


Native Nectar Botanicals Wild Rose Botanical Body Oil ($42)


Herbs + Oils Bath Lumos Glowing Body Oil ($24)


Simper Goods Golden Citrus Body Oil ($24)

This will give you a bit of glow.


Olive + M Shimmer + Glow Body Oil ($38)

Another glow-getter. I’ve also been meaning to sample one by Skin Owl that imparts a subtle bronzed glow and can be used on the face and body!


Bath Asana Nourishing Cannabidiol & Marula Body Oil ($65)

Hemp-sourced CBD makes this extra gentle.


Poppy and Someday Canyon Sun Body Oil ($52)

Notable Mentions

I am still dying to try Votary London’s body oil, Weleda’s, and every body serum. I have used up an entire rose body oil by Dr. Hauschka and loved it.

Remember to apply oils to your still-damp calves and to lock all the moisture in using a thick body cream or butter!

What are your favorite body oils? Tell me on Instagram!

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