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Designer Catherine Gee is Definitely One to Watch

This is all I want to wear this summer!

This line gets it right. The Santa Barbara-based designer Catherine Gee has created a line that is feminine without being too girly, modern without sacrificing warmth. Every piece is actually wearable.

It's hard to put into words, but the straight edges and minimalist color palette are both softened by her delicate designs, luxurious fabrics, and meticulous attention to detail. She is an artist in subtlety — incorporating the trends of the season, but with prudence and discretion.

Gee also chooses those tasteful trends that are more reserved in nature — like the sensual slip dress, or menswear-inspired stripes. I guess you could say the execution is perfect — all the way down to the photo selection and branding. The end result is Cool-girl vibes with feminine sensuality, expressed through the most luxurious textures.

By the way, I'm not the only one who thinks so. She won the 2016 emerging designer competition part on by WWDMAGIC and the Galeries Lafayette. One of my favorite fashionistas, actress Kate Bosworth, is also a fan.

This is all I want to wear this summer. Shop 10 of my faves below.


The Perfect Summer Top

Jen Tank ($138)

This is so perfect for summer. Tie-shoulders and ruffles are toned down by the menswear-inspired print, making the top feel more mature (in a good way).


Draped Backs

Celeste Slip Dress ($372)

Perfectly-draped silk is so romantic, while this is the perfect weight for summer. One of the most elegant slip dresses.


Blush-Worthy Skirt

Flou Skirt ($450)

This is one of those pieces where you have to marvel at the construction and attention-to-detail. Those fabrics are heavenly. And blush is the best.


An Elegant Neckline for Evening

Cannes Dress ($535)

I really admire the way that she works the neckline into the design, balancing the aesthetic and ensuring that the dress contours the body and doesn't simply fall straight.


Menswear-Inspired Stripes

Franka Fold Over Blouse ($188)

Menswear-esque, striped fabrics — like the ones from their dress shirts — are really big this season. Form dresses, to this modern, one-shoulder take on the deconstructed blouse. I fell in love with this the moment I saw it.



Tie Pants ($240)

This is the cutest detail to femme-up a pair of trousers. I also love the cut and shoe-pairing.


Asymmetrical Shoulders

IsabeauDress ($368)

Tie-shoulders are cutesy while the one-shoulder silo makes it more modern.


2-in-1 Kimono

Flou Skirt ($453)

Love the color, love the silky feel. I just love neutral everything. It's so feminine without being OTT.


Pinstripe Trousers

Emma Trouser ($150)

These are tailored cotton trousers, made in Peru, that look almost as wearable as jeans. This is my favorite execution of the wide-leg that I've seen in a long time. Contained, crisp, and wearable.


Elegant for the Evening

Angelina Scarf Blouse ($280)

A classy take on the scarf. Too many "younger" brands have taken the choker trend in a skanky direction, yet a silk scarf paired with a polished lob is impossibly chic.

P.S. I am not using affiliate links in this post so feel free to shop away commission-free!

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