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CBD-Infused Heretic Parfum Makes It's Way to the U.K.

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Functional fragrances have now moved beyond the borders of the United States.

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Following the publication of my astrological fragrance guide on FabFitFun, another new fragrance launch to note is on the way.

The indie parfumerie Heretic, with its edgy and fabulous branding, first caught my eye last May, with names like Scandal Wood, Florgasm, and Holi Water. My rebellious side revels in the cheekiness of collection names like 'Flower Porn' and the 'Dirty Collection,' and the brand's uniquely sensual darkness is embodied by muses like Dita von Teese. (Tom and I watched her perform on NYE and she is sensational.)

Dita von Teese x Heretic Scandal Wood + Striptease Candle. The modern day pin-up's dress disappears as the candle melts.

When the line launched the first CBD-infused natural fragrance in summer 2017, Dirty Grass, I had to try.

The non-toxic scent, sold at Credo Beauty, instantly appealed to me. Neither too floral nor too sweet, the fragrance is versatile and subtle enough to be unisex.

I brought it with me to Paris and love the atypically earthy scent with it's subtle undertones and, of course, CBD.

Just as the name of the popular Dirty collection suggests, nothing about this beauty brand is conventional. In summer 2017, Dirty Grass became a best-seller in the United States, which I have started wearing daily.

Now, as of August 29th, these innovative, non-perfumey scents will become available for purchase in the United Kingdom, as well.

The darkly beautiful non-toxic perfume brand sells fragrances with atypical names.

Timed for a flirty Fall, the brand will also be adding two more fragrances to their 15-scent lineup: Dirty Violet and Pretty Dirty. To sample the complete collection, head to retailers like Bergdorf Goodman, Barney's, FortyFiveTen, Maxfield LA, and Goop.

Do you like functional fragrances? Then check out Apothecary Co.'s reiki-charged essential oil rollers. I brought them to France, too!

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