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Four Reasons to Make CBD Part of Your 4th of July Celebration

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Your pets won't have to fear fireworks this year...

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Top 4 Reasons to Make CBD-Infused Products Part of Your 4th of July

by Meredith Schneider

The 4th of July comes in the heat of summer, when it's normal to crave a body of water and a serious float sesh in your favorite swimsuit. As I’m sure we’ve all been running a million miles a minute (why do we ever tell ourselves that there will be time for self-care, really?), we could all use a moment to relax. That's why I’ve thought up the most perfect CBD-infused tips for the occasion. They'll amp up that holiday energy and your peace of mind, leaving you to enjoy America's birthday festivities.

Keep reading to find out how CBD can play a role in your 4th of July.

1. Anchor your fur babies for the fireworks with CBD for pets.

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Listen, I am totally down with the 4th. I love a massive array of food, fun decorations, face paint, obnoxious displays of the American flag, sipping alcohol out of fruit (watermelon, pineapple, what’s next?), and fireworks like crazy.

You know who isn’t into it? My cat. Or my family’s dog (when she could hear better).

The noise of the fireworks is alarming to our furry friends, to say the least. They send Beauty-Stoned's editor's dog-ter into hysterics, before she hides, trembling, in the bedroom closet. So, the first thing on my list before I head out for family events and friend picnics is to get my pets squared away. This is normally initiated by CBD oil in their food, some soft music on the stereo, and a long fur-brushing session apiece.

So many of us put our pets first and care for them like children, hence tending to their wellness is a top priority. Schmidt (the cat) has been enjoying Purfurred Hemp Oil for Cats — a 200mg tincture, given once per day about 2 times per week (or when I know he is going to be subject to a stressful situation, like home visitors, a new environment, or when I travel out of town, etc.).

When Schmidt takes CBD, I notice that he is less jumpy, more responsive to human interaction, and you can find him lounging on his cat tree far more often. As a cat that is prone to UTIs caused by stress, this has been an absolute godsend, and will continue to be so when it helps keep Schmidt’s nerves at bay during the fireworks.

You can also feed your cat CBD infused cat treats, like these from American Green CBD. I have tried Treatibles with our family dog, and they worked wonders. The brand is highly recommended for dogs and horses, though they have products for cats as well.

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2. Soothe skin and mitigate sun damage by adding CBD into your SPF.

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Whether you’re facing storm warnings or blue skies this year, the 4th is likely to be a scorcher. Nothing will fair you better than a great sunscreen, like SPF + THC Sunscreen by Evergreen Organix. With 100mg THC per bottle, this sunblock boasts a paraben-free ingredients list, and is specifically formulated to include anti-aging properties.

Of course, you can always add the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of CBD right into your preferred sunscreen with a product like Bybi CBD Booster. This is appealing for it's enhanced antioxidant protection from free radical damage while healing any bumps or eruptions on the complexion. We recommend using mineral sunscreens that are reef-safe (i.e. do not contain a avobenzone and oxybenzone).

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These reef-safe, mineral SPFs don't contain CBD.

3. Protect those hydrated, voluminous locks.

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It's officially beach and pool season. Is anyone under the crazy impression that summer haircare is a non-issue? Especially with the way chlorine strips your hair of its natural oils, healing cannabidiol can make a world of difference on damaged hair and irritated scalps.

Lines like CBD Daily and The Wonder Seed sell everyday shampoos and conditioners that make use of the buzzy ingredient, as well as deep conditioners and detanglers of all sorts.

Wait, though. In case you're wondering how CBD enhances your beauty, there are plenty of examples throughout the site... But I will go ahead and let you know that through expert-approved studies, CBD has been proven to hinder the production of excess sebum, evening out oil levels on the skin and scalp. This clears up acne and prevents clogged pores, but the kicker is its anti-inflammatory effects. These reduce skin flare-ups, hair and scalp conditions, hives, rashes, while helping with sensitivity issues and healing.

EMERA’s line of prestige products boast a promise of quick hair growth and shiny, luxurious locks. If you want to impose that “I woke up like this” tousled look, I’d go for the Nourishing CBD Detangler Plus. In the aftermath of the festivities, the Nourishing CBD Scalp Therapy would be my go-to.

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4. A nice, cold beverage that will lift you up — and calm you down.

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We know, we know. How could something that is aimed to provide energy be formulated to relax you too? Think of it like a non-jittery boost. We have seen plenty of tasty, new CBD-infused beverage options hitting the shelves.

Many are fit to stash in your cooler for enjoyment during the craziness. Even if you're not sipping a pre-made CBD-infused mocktail or cocktail, you can take matters into your own hands with a dropper-full of a water-soluble CBD tincture, like Lord Jones Royal Oil. (Hint: For extra-quick onset of chillness, shop nanotized CBD formulas.)

Locally, American Shaman partnered with The Roasterie, a KC-based coffee roaster and chain, to create a canned CBD coffee beverage that is not unlike liquid gold. Boasting no preservatives and 100% natural ingredients, the slow-steeped CBD infused Cold Brew has zero calories, carbs, and sugar. If you’re curious about leaning into the CBD craze, this is the beverage to start with.

But there are others, especially if your region isn’t as familiar with The Roasterie brand. Though they boast a new CBD infused black tea, Superlost has a cold brew that is highly rated, as does Prosper Coffee Co. Companies like Kickback also have both coffee and tea options, and we’re big fans of Buddha Tea’s CBD tea bags.

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Regardless of how you prep, make sure to hydrate, refresh, and protect that skin! (But if you don’t, fear not! Sunburns can be soothed with Felix & Ambrosia carries a CBD infused after sun cooling gel for SPF-related mishaps.)

Will your 4th of July celebrations include CBD? Tell us more.

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