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Clean Beauty Launches to Try As Summer Turns to Fall

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

And what this growing trend means for the industry.

Photo via Kjaer Weis

It is easy to become discouraged or to succumb to negative media right now. As we contend with isolation and social instability, sensitive folks — as ever — will benefit from shifting their minds toward pro-social, constructive positives that are occurring. Re-framing your mindset to focus on the positive can quell anxiety, improve your mood, reduce burn-out, and make you feel better.

This philosophy absolutely applies to the beauty industry. Not everyone agrees that the beauty industry needs reform — but insiders increasingly do. From Generation Z to Millennials, the public has proven that issues like ingredient safety, sustainability, and inclusivity matter. New brands are taking it upon themselves to champion values from transparency to non-toxic formulation, making niche interests part of their brand stories. Within a mainstream that does not hold brands accountable to stringent standards, their commitment to stand up for clean beauty values indicates that the clean beauty revolution is going strong.

We support the establishment of regulations in the name of consumer safety, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare; after all, the United States lags far behind the European Union in terms of regulating ingredients. (We restrict the use of 30 ingredients vs. 1,300 in the European Union.) Until we catch up as a society, consumers are left to do their own research — with the help of select insiders, of course.

One such clean beauty support we have is the beauty editor and reporter, Rachel Nussbaum. She is like a human encyclopedia for toxic beauty ingredients, including all the intimidating ones with impossible-to-pronounce names. During quarantine, she compiled a spreadsheet documenting which of those products contain problematic or controversial ingredients — and some of them might surprise you! (Check out her spreadsheet here.)

On that note, here are a bevy of clean beauty launches to try as our socially distant summer turns to fall.


The luxury clean beauty brand Kjaer Weis dropped their first-ever powder highlighters on August 5th. According to the brand's founder, Kirsten Kjaer Weis, "I wanted to create a highlighter that mimics the way a natural beam of light hits the face, creating a sophisticated, elegant look."

Available in two shades — the cool-hued, pearlescent champagne, Beam, and the warmer, rose-gold Luminous — the illuminating, pressed powder is vegan, weightless, and imparts skin benefits courtesy of jojoba wax, natural sweet almond oil, and sunflower seed oil. Ethically-sourced mica accounts for the opalescent glow.

The brand has always taken sustainability into account, too. First-time buyers can invest in their reusable, refillable metal compact (the Iconic edition) for $58, with refills costing $36, or the less pricy Red edition for $44, in a less glam case.

This clean beauty product does not contain Talc, an ingredient that is controversial for frequently being contaminated by the carcinogen asbestos. Talc is frequently found in powder products ranging from blush to baby powder, and Johnson & Johnson just lost a class action lawsuit that you can learn more about in the documentary Toxic Beauty. It is important to remember that as a clean beauty brand, it is possible to use Talc "responsibly" — and Kjaer Weis is proof of that. The talc used in their cream foundations and eye shadows have been responsibly-sourced, approved by the stringent standards of the Italian CCPB boards for use in organic cosmetics, and tested to confirm it is free of asbestos using x-ray diffraction analysis (whose "detection limit is estimated to be about 0.1% weight for asbestiform amphibole minerals.") Unless a brand is this devoted to their testing process, avoid talc at all costs.


When a successful influencer launches a beauty brand, it isn't always as socially conscious as global Fashion and Beauty entrepreneur, Camila Coelho's. Her clean, luxury vegan cosmetics line, Elaluz is evidence of the cleaner trend in beauty’s widespread appeal. Coelho is the definition of a trendsetter—she goes to PFW, gets her makeup done by celeb MUA Patrick Ta, and has 8.8 million followers on Instagram. (We can assume she’s onto something.)

Her initial two-piece collection— which will be carried at Net-A-Porter and Saks Fifth Avenue—consists of a lip and cheek stain that is infused with coconut water, Brazilian guarana, and prickly pear extracts. The stain and lip balm are free of parabens, phthalates, silicones, PEGs, TEA, DEA, GMOs, artificial fragrances, and is vegan and Leaping Bunny Certified. The 24 K Lip Therapy is also EWG-verified, earning the stamp of approval of clean beauty purists.

This socially tuned-in launch represents a cause for celebration as an indication of influencer-driven, clean beauty launches to come.


Everyone knows and loves the CBD-infused line of clean skincare for the face and body, with their OG facial oil blend being joined by a vitamin C serum, body serum, and now a must-try eye cream, all featuring anti-inflammatory cannabidiol. The brand makes some of the first luxury, clean formulations for CBD-infused cosmetics, with their sparkling lip glosses and range of matte lipsticks.

Now the line has expanded to launch a skincare staple that everyone needs: eye cream. The formula simultaneously works on dark circles and fine lines with 10% vitamin C, along with emollient plant collagen and EGCG-rich green tea to provide dewy hydration and reparative antioxidants to the delicate eye area. Jojoba and grape seed oils, as well as vitamin E and Allantoin, join the skin-loving party in this new launch.


Credo launched the beauty world's first inclusive, clean foundation shade range, marking a major milestone for the clean beauty movement. Available in 43 shades and formulated without the 2,700, potentially toxic ingredients that Credo excludes from their store, the medium-to-full coverage imparts a dewy, hydrated finish that can be adapted for virtually any skin type. The entire line is formulated without cyclical silicones, PEGs, parabens, synthetic fragrance, talc, mineral oil, and toxic preservatives like trieodium edta, or any ingredients found on Credo's Dirty List.

Celebrity makeup artist and lead Credo makeup artist, Katey Denno, provides insights on how to best apply the foundation for each skin type: Dry skin types should apply a toner or face mist, followed by a facial serum — one sans hyaluronic acid in order to prevent pilling. Then, apply a pea-sized amount of the brand's Jump Start Smoothing Primer, $34, before using a beauty blender sponge, like Jenny Patinkin Pure Luxury Makeup Sponge Duo, $32, to press the foundation onto the skin. Oily skin types, on the other hand, will apply the primer and foundation, using blotting papers to reduce developing shine, and setting the foundation with powder. For blotting papers, you can consider Tatcha Aboratorigami Blotting Papers, $12, while Juice Beauty Photo-Pigments Flawless Finishing Powder, $28, is a top-rated setting powder.

Read more about the groundbreaking launch—and what it means for the clean beauty movement—in my piece on Harper's Bazaar.


The adaptogen-packed line of clean supplements just announced their cheekily named “The Pill” serum, joining their Topical-C, $70, in their topical skincare range. Containing twenty-seven actives, the brand emphasizes that this multi-faceted facial serum is like an all-in-one multivitamin for the skin.

It contains exfoliating actives (i.e., chemical exfoliants: glycolic, lactic, citric, malic, and tartaric acids) along with anti-inflammatory CBD, de-puffing, anti-redness Caffeine, plumping Hyaluronic Acid, hydrating Glycerin and Sodium PCA, and plant-based Isoamyl Laureate for a velvety texture. Some of their other notable active ingredients include pineapple extracts (with exfoliant enzymes), vitamin C-rich Kakadu plum, and more. Initial trials have revealed that 95% of users saw brighter, smoother skin in mere minutes after applying the company's inaugural skincare product.

BTW, I am currently using Nootro-Focus, the brand's answer to focusing problems and ADHD-esque symptoms, and am a big fan of their hyperpigmentation-fighting skincare supplement, Skin Filter, $60, which contains the superfruit amla.


Celebrity makeup artist Omayma Ramzy just launched her own skincare line. This vegan, organic blend contains fifteen potent botanicals to soften, moisturize, and deliver nutrients to the skin. Using a blend that includes camellia, jojoba, grapeseed, avocado, prickly pear seed, hemp seed, and neem oils, this anti-inflammatory elixir is made in small batches to ensure ingredient freshness, stability, and potency.

Notable dermal nutrients include antioxidants, vitamins A, B, D, and E, and omegas 6 and 9 essential fatty acids. It has been developed to impart anti-inflammatory and sebum-moderating benefits, making it suitable for acne-prone skin types, while still being ultra-restorative for those with dry skin types.


Stevie Fox is an indie newcomer skincare line that launched back in March (but is still worthy of a shout-out — better late than never!) with impeccable Boho-chic branding and earth-friendly values. Supporting the brand — which is formulated in adherence with Credo's ultra-stringent standards — doesn't just mean opting to "be a chill goddess," but aligns you with the values of an ethical, cruelty-free business that donates 1% of their profits back to the planet via 1% For The Planet. They are proof that eco-consciousness is at the height of style.

I featured their Hyaluronic Acid serum, Dope Pony, on FabFitFun, but think that their anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antioxidant, pigmentation-fighting, and brightening Youth Dose mask — featuring Turmeric and Saffron stem cells — is an excellent pick to work on post-summer hyperpigmentation. It also contains Zinc to help quell breakouts, balancing excess oils with kaolin clay, and replenishing lost moisture courtesy of sea buckthorn and castor seed oils.


Innbeauty Project is another Credo-approved, clean beauty brand to enter the space. They are best-known for their exfoliant acid-packed toner, Down to Tone, $26, which is a best-seller at Credo and contains a medley of exfoliating acids (i.e. malic, phytic, salicylic, gluconolactone, and citric acids), as well as barrier-fortifying Niacinamide, turmeric, and more.

Their anti-aging powerhouse serum, Slushy Serum Moisturizer Crush, $28, is a notable summer launch that incorporates bakuchiol oil (nature's leading retinol-alternative), hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C-rich Yuzu. Products feature the brands proprietary Even Out Complex to aid with hyper-pigmentation, making it an excellent end-of-summer pick.

One of their latest launches to drop is this shimmery lip oil, Frosé, which joins two other tinted lip jellies in the collection. Frosé incorporates hydrating red root oil from the skikonin plant, pomegranate to gently exfoliate and aid with absorption, strawberry extract for some antioxidant protection, and a clinically-proven, plant-based complex that plumps your pout.


WLDKAT is another exciting, newly-launched brand to note that is available at Credo. The beauty editor-founded skincare line incorporates the wondrous effects of CBD into many of their products, even offering a therapeutic tincture that incorporates the lesser-known CBG.

To experience their CBD products, look out for their CBD 150 mg Ginger + Kombucha Bubbling Skin Tonic, $28, which provides support to the skin's microbiome with pre- and probiotics, as well as the ultra-hydrating CBD 150 mg Mushroom + Moss Gel Cream, $29, which amplifies the moisturizing benefits of hyauronic acid with tremella mushroom. Also keep an eye out for their newest product, a hyaluronic acid and vitamin A- and E-infused lip gel.

But their pH-balanced cleanser above receives a five star rating on the Credo website and is said to be especially helpful for oily skin types yet is gentle enough for everyday use. First things first, tending to your skin's proper pH — which should be roughly 5.5 — helps to ensure the integrity and functioning of the skin barrier. As the name implies, the non-stripping gel incorporates patchouli and cherimoya fruit extract, for treating inflammatory, acneic, and even dry skin types, as well as delivering oodles of vitamin C via the incorporation of Cherimoya.


If, on the other hand, you have a dry or normal skin type, the luxury J-Beauty brand Tatcha launched a pH-neutral face wash to hydrate and soften the complexion. Active ingredients include a blend of Japanese algae, Hyaluronic Acid, and the brand's signature Hadasei-3 complex, which is a hallmark of their popular line. The brand is known for their cult-favorite Pure One-Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, $48, which is a luxurious place to start if you haven't tried a cleansing oil yet. Plus, each purchase supports equality in education through their Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures initiative.


Aurelia Probiotic Skincare CBD Super Serum + Probiotics

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare are the makers of some of the best probiotic-infused, clean beauty products on the market. Combining the efficacy of their popular Revitalise & Glow Serum, $96, with the brand's CBD Super Serum, $96, we can now experience the plumping effects of HA, the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD, and the microbiome-loving incorporation of good bacteria, or probiotics, on the dermis.

Something that stands out about the award-winning line is their incorporation of CBD crystals rather than CBD oil. The combination of CBD and probiotics are said to boost skin repair, stimulate collagen production, and impart hydration. This is truly a Fall skincare launch to keep on your radar 'til October.


The clean, sustainable, and ethically-sourced beauty line is known for its crystal-infused, talc-free eyeshadows in their zero-waste palettes. Now we can shop for a highlighter that is infused with actual diamond powder that promotes collagen production and illuminates the skin.

The founder and formulator, Tiila Abbitt, made inclusivity a priority in the three-shade launch, noting that fairer complexions are best suited by the silvery Pure Diamond Dust shade, medium tones can try the Pink Diamond Dust color, and deeper skin tones will be complemented best by the Yellow Diamond Dust shade pictured above.

The brand has also announced their participation in an eco-driven initiative with other sustainability-minded lines. Using the code UNITEDBYEARTH, you can receive 15-30% off at the Aether Beauty website. For each purchase, Aether Beauty is donating $1 per order to the Ocean Conservancy, a non-profit organization advocating for clean oceans and abundant wildlife.

If you're looking for some clean, ethically-made blush, the brand's new Amber Cheek Palette, $44, is now available as well. It features crushed amber for glow, anti-inflammatory jojoba, anti-aging organic rosehip oil, and antioxidant-rich Indian Sappanwood extract in the formulas. Each zero-waste palette comes with two soft, peachy shades and a highlighter to complete your look.


Goop Beauty released two new clean skincare options to try this August, a face cream and an eye cream with added Arjuna to help with dark circles, GOOPGENES All-In-One Nourishing Eye Cream, $55. The facial cream was formulated to aid with brightening, working to minimize the appearance of dark spots, age spots, and skin discoloration AKA hyper-pigmentation. Active ingredients include barrier-fortifying plant ceramides, skin barrier-supportive phyto-squalene, as well as Schisandra fruit, Illipe butter, and Caviar lime.

Clinical trials indicate improved hydration from the face cream for up to 48 hours, promoted skin elasticity and firmness, and improvements in skin texture. The eye cream's performance was also commendable, with hydration lasting for up to 72-hours. 100% of participants noted increased firmness, and 91% noted a reduction in crow's feet.


The affordable, clean drugstore brand created a gently-exfoliating, physical scrub for those with oily, problematic (i.e. breakout-prone) skin types. Microcrystalline cellulose, black currant seed extract, raspberry leaf extract, and jojoba oil target the overproduction of oil, thereby decreasing bacterial proliferation, while imparting anti-inflammatory effects, two-to-three times per week.

You can use it day or night as a pre-cleanse, using circular motions to gently massage it onto wet skin for a minute. The packaging is also made from 79% PCR (post consumer recycled) plastic, and the homogenous micro-beads are biodegradable, making this an ECOCERT approved launch that is certified by the National Products Association. Soon you'll be able to shop it at Target.


Clean beauty brand Kosas now offers non-toxic, serum deodorants in both fragrance-free and naturally fragranced versions. It's stain-free, aluminum free, and most importantly, baking soda-free — which means that it won't cause a rash on those of you with sensitive arm pits! The formula utilizes alphahydroxy acids (i.e. lactic, mandelic, tartaric, and more) to fight odor and prevent ingrown hairs, and applies seamlessly using a rollerball. It even incorporates hydrating glycerin, aloe, and Hyaluronic Acid in case you were worried about drying out your pits. Hint: It's also available in the Serene Clean scent.


While we're on the topic of clean deodorant, which you can read more about in my FabFitFun piece, the personal care brand, Hello, created some non-toxic deos to try, too. So far we have sampled the unfragranced and activated charcoal formulas with great success. The packaging is ergonomic, making it a breeze to apply, and the incorporation of shea butter makes it gentle as can be. BTW we still love the line's Turmeric toothpaste!


For all-in-one coverage and sun protection made from skin-friendly ingredients, check out HAN's serum CC cream. Available in seven shades, the oil-rich formula includes jojoba, rosehip, and virgin coconut sources, as well as healing vitamin E. The blend also provides SPF 30 protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

The brand assures us that the launch is blemish-prone skin-friendly, we would recommend only dry skin types use this launch. While the coconut oil it contains is antibacterial, dermatologist Michelle Hure points out that it can be comedogenic and clog pores.

Furthermore, as I learned for my piece about serum foundations on The Zoe Report, too much oil on the surface of the skin can still be a bad thing. Celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau advises against the use of oils with your sunscreen, pointing out that it can break down its efficacy while potentially resulting in the proliferation of bacteria on oily skin types. Definitely considering setting it with a powder SPF or setting powder.


This is the perfect, firming body product for swimsuit season. Developed by dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldfaden's clean skincare line, the serum uses Hyaluronic Acid, coffee, gotu kola extract, and brown and red algae to boost microcirculation and smooth out the surface of the skin. Radish root extract, marula oil, and shea butter soften and promote elasticity while contouring your beach bod.


August 25th, Aethera Beauty is launching a non-CBD skincare collection utilizing Caribbean-themed active ingredients for the skin. Among them? Hibiscus (AKA Nature's Botox), vitamin C-rich Acelerola cherry, guava fruit extract, and more. Above you can shop the initial CBD beauty line, with non-CBD imagery to come soon.


The skincare line's naturopath- and nutritionist founder believes in the "food as medicine" principle that plays a large role in naturopathy and holistic health. The Clean at Sephora brand just launched a vegan collagen serum, created via a proprietary fermentation process. The formula incorporates sea botanicals (i.e. seaweed collagen and seaweed leaf) to further mitigate the cellular process of aging. The serum is said to improve skin elasticity, hydration, and smoothness. Vegan collagen is one of our favorite products to use following laser treatments that compromise the skin barrier.


Epicuren Defy Age Corrective Facial Oil, $80

Esthetician-beloved Epicuren is launching brand new face oil on September 1. The oil contains THD-Ascorbate, a potent and brightening form of vitamin C, as well as Swertia Chirata Extract and Naringenin. Clinical trials indicate that the former begins ameliorating the appearance of vertical wrinkles in just one week, with increasing benefits over time. The latter aids with skin irritation and dehydration beginning in just 15 minutes. Other notable oils in the blend include jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, and Abyssinian oil, which relay nutrients, soothe sensitive skin, plump, and reinforce the moisture barrier.


The "clean" nail polish debate is complex and heated; experts disagree, as you can see in my pieces on Nécessité and Glam.com. But regardless of where you fall on the non-toxic nail polish issue, Orosa is a 14-free, vegan, cruelty-free brand known for their vibrant color palettes within the "non-toxic" nail Polish space. Their first collaboration is with the TikTok stars, Charli and Dixie D'Amelio.

The full set is admittedly fun—it contains four shades specific to each girl (so, eight total), but can be shopped individually. You can also buy nail decals—Summer Daze Pure Pop Nail Art, $12, and Sweet Summer Pure Pop Nail Art, $12— to embellish your manicures and make them truly your own.

A central value of the launch is expressing your individuality and style through color. “We love how expressive Orosa is,” says Charli D’Amelio. “They are all about using color to express yourself and encouraging people to get creative through nail colors and nail art”. Dixie D’Amelio added, “Orosa created a new creative outlet for us. We both loved the process of making our own colors and seeing how different our styles are. We’ve been able to express ourselves in a way that people haven’t seen yet on our social channels.”

We are partial towards the muted pastels on the left, from the nude shade, abyss, $12, to the dusty blush, baecation, $12.


While we're on the topic of clean nail polish, ORLY is one of the leaders and innovators in the space. Their Breathable line is one of the cleanest on the market. Their Fall color launches were inspired by the Desert, perfect for boho-chic babes that missed out on their Coachella fix, or simply want to get away to a weekend in Joshua Tree. P.S. Celebrity nail artist Mazz Hanna recommends the ORLY GELFX Cuticle Pusher, $11, for its unique shape. As you can read about in my piece on The Zoe Report, DIY mani- and pedi-maintenance calls for expert guidance.


These therapeutic stones will elevate your bath ritual. Made from French White Clay, they naturally exfoliate and increase blood circulation, infusing wellness into your relaxation.


In case you're still on the hunt for a hand sanitizer, clean beauty brand Andalou Naturals just created yet another you can try. Hint: Farmacy also started making a limited edition Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer Gel, $6. You can also read more about the way beauty brands are changing our options when it comes to hand wash on FabFitFun.


Lawless is one of the chic-est, standard-setting clean beauty brands around. Part of what is so fabulous about the line is that it completely derails any stereotypes one might have about a clean beauty brand being overly hippy. The founder, Annie Lawless, is a stunning display of the Cool-girl meets advocacy vibe.

When the #CleanAF beauty brand launched their Talc-free line of blushes, we fell head over heels in love with the shade 'Vintage Love.' This could literally be the clean beauty product to knock Nars Orgasm's off the throne. That being said, the launch also comes in six other shades that range from coral to tawny rose to burnished apricot.

P.S. If you were a fan of their Liquid Matte Lipstick, $18, which were trend-right but could be drying, definitely check out their hydrating Lip Shine Lip Gloss, $25. Not only is it packed with hydrating rosehip oil and shea butter, but Lawless' color-palette proves that the brand has mastered the art of making clean nude shades.


We love using Epidermal Growth Factor as a summer-friendly retinol-alternative. This four-week treatment from the Black-owned brand, Lovinah, incorporates firming Copper Tri-Peptide into each sealed ampoule of EGF.

As EGF promotes skin repair, wound healing, cell proliferation, and DNA synthesis, it works away at the fine lines on your complexion. The copper peptides, on the other hand, are known for promoting skin regeneration. It plumps and hydrates the skin, and can even help promote the healing of scars. The synergistic effect of these two powerful active ingredients, along with vitamin-rich, anti-inflammatory sea kelp bioferment, provides a resurfacing boost over the course of a month.

In other words, if you are dealing with acne scars, consider this intensive treatment, which can be used alongside your daily vitamin C.


Hora Lip Shade + CBD, $20

Hora Skin Care is one of our favorite clean, indie, CBD-infused skincare lines with an overnight exfoliating mask we swear by. Back on April 10, the brand launched a CBD-infused, nude lippie that we never shared the news on. Alas, here is the castor seed, olive, and avocado oil concoction infused with 50 mg CBD to score you the coveted nude lips of your dreams in the shade 'Sand Storm.'


The makers of a truly fabulous Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide serum, Floodgate, just launched a broad-spectrum, mineral sunscreen. The oil- and silicone-free formula contains 20% Zinc Oxide, 4% Niacinamide, 1.5% Artichoke Leaf Extract, and 1.3% Turmeric Extract; this makes it pore-modulating, hyperpigmentation-fighting, anti-inflammatory, and moisture barrier-fortifying.

If you're wondering whether it's really invisible, the answer is yes. This clean SPF goes on clear, completely absent of the chalky residue sometimes that can come with mineral sunscreens. Plus, the sunscreen is made without chemical sunscreens, silicones, drying alcohols, added fragrance, phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, propylene glycol, synthetic dyes mineral oil, MEA, DEA, TEA, PEG compounds, or EDTA.


If you have sensitive or easily irritated skin—whether dry, combination, normal, or oily—you will appreciate this prebiotic-powered toner. Fructooligosaccharides (prebiotics, which feed the probiotics—or good bacteria—on the surface of the skin), methyl sulphonyl methane, or MSM (a form of bio-available sulfur that boosts collagen production), and plumping Hyaluronic Acid, target dryness, redness, and irritation while supporting a diverse skin microbiome.

Just as having diverse gut flora is beneficial for your physical and mental health, including your immune systems, having a balance of good bacteria on the microbiome of the skin lends itself to a healthy acid mantle, which is almost like a physical immune system for the way it can protect the skin from environmental aggressors and microbes. Furthermore, the microbiome is imperative for protection the skin's moisture barrier, which is both a physical barrier against environmental pollutants and irritants, as well as being a means of keeping your moisture levels intact.

Use code STAYATHOME to receive 20% off your order.


The purpose of this soothing gel slash balm is to be a hydrating cleanser, helping to prevent the skin's disruption to pH that occurs upon contact with water. The cleansing gel balm is light enough that it rinses easily, delivering grapefruit essential oil-scented CBD, Manuka honey, and omega-7 and vitamin E-rich sea buckthorn oil.


If you're a fan of beauty oils, this vitamin C-rich blend might become your new favorite daytime serum. It features 15% THD Ascorbate—one of the most potent and brightening forms of the antioxidant—along with fourteen natural sources of the free radical-fighter (including Kakadu plum, black currant, strawberry, and turmeric). In addition, your skin will benefit from the adaptogens Reishi and Ginseng, to soothe and calm, while the brand's signature algae blend smoothes, firms, and further protects against pollution.


Cult brand Nécessaire just launched The Hand Cream, which, to be frank, goes on like a glass of water for parched mitts. The fragrance-free, vegan cream is formulated with an anti-aging peptide, as well as omegas 6 & 9, vitamins B3, C, and E. This launch adds to their beloved line of body care products, whose Body Serum and Body Lotion layer like heaven on dry skin, leaving you soft and dewy long after application. Lastly, the chic and environmentally-conscious brand participates in 1% for the Planet, donating one percent of profits to initiatives that support environmental conservation.


If you're still on the hunt for a go-to hand sanitizer, Everyday Humans—a SPF and body care company offering SPFs and salves—now offer a nutrient-enriched, 65% ethyl alcohol-based option. They incorporate green tea leaf extract, vitamin E, aloe juice, and safflower seed oil to keep you hygienic while mitigating barrier damage to your parched, over-washed hands.


The vagus nerve, or the tenth cranial nerve, is associated with the parasympathetic nervous system (i.e. the relaxation response). Now with two products from their line, OSEA Malibu is helping us to induce a healing calm into our lives by introducing us to a relaxation response-inducing practice with their oil, and a soothing pillow mist to go with it. Proper sleep hygiene is so important!


The brand is known for their best-selling sunless tanner, but they also make nourishing hair and body care to go with it. Their most recent launch is this pre-shampoo scalp scrub to be used for one-to-two minutes pre-shampoo, to aid with flaky, itchy, unhappy scalps and dandruff. The formula incorporates Balinese volcanic ash to absorb excess oil, AHAs and BHA to exfoliate dead skin cells on the scalp, cooling peppermint and circulation-stimulating caffeine to promote overall scalp health. The physical exfoliant comes from the shells of coconuts, which some derms warn can create micro-fissures in the skin— so scrub gently. Lastly, the brand is notably made without silicones, sulphates, phthalates, parabens, or animal-derived ingredients.


Protect your delicate eye area from photo-aging with some broad-spectrum, mineral protection—while giving them an anti-aging boost! Tizo just created this eye area-specific mineral SPF that is infused with peptides for smoothing wrinkles, algae, marine ferments, and selenium ferment for supercharged free radical protection. This unique eye-protector also incorporates caffeine, which helps to the dark circle area by promoting micro-circulation.


You can shop the latest launch—an exfoliating solution containing 16% alphahydroxy acids along with Niacinamide—from the wildly popular brand, Summer Fridays. Brightening lactic acid and deeply penetrating glycolic acid smooth and unclog the pores, while Niacinamide helps to minimize their appearance and even out discoloration.


The clean and vegan brand—available at BlueMercury's Conscious Beauty section—created this neutral-hued eyeshadow palette. Perfect for Virgo season, you have your pick of shimmery and matte shades with which to deck out your eyelids. The formula for their shadow is infused with shea butter, safflower seed oil, and coconut oil for added benefits. And yes, the palette is Talc-free.


From now until October, Josie Maran's new five-minute facial mask is available exclusively on QVC. The argan oil-treatment incorporates fruit enzymes and volcanic ash to purify the pores, gently exfoliate, and to absorb excess sebum, while hemp seed oil helps to condition the skin and soothe. The brand's signature, 100% pure argan oil gently hydrates and prevents trans-epidermal water loss, or TEWL. The cruelty-free formula is paraben-, sulphate-, and phthalate-free.


For the first time in two years, indie brand Rituel de Fille has added to their collection of shimmery eye pigments. Two new shades—Incantation and Circle of Fire—just dropped and are available exclusively on their website. Incantation is like a wearable, "ashy" rose gold, while Circle of Fire is a rust-meets-burgundy hue to help you nail the "pink" eye trend for fall. So much yes.

Check out some of May's new launches that you might've missed here.

This post contains affiliate links for which I receive a small commission. Emphasis on small.

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