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15 Self-Care Finds to Get You Through Scorpio Season

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Bring on the spiritual growth.

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I recently had a reading with Marie Satori that rang so true, I joined her Satori Shala community. Each month, she provides insights into the astrological and spiritual significance of the season, helping us to sync our lives to the pulse of cosmos. Right now, it's Scorpio season.

She reveals that as Fall turns to Winter (not to mention, Mercury retrograde), the time is ripe for the healing of old wounds. We often hear that the veil, or boundary, between worlds is thinner at this time, making it easier to access the spiritual realms — and our own, innate wisdom.

While the physical world turns chilly and barren, we can turn our intuitive abilities within for some inner-work. This practice cultivates personal power through growth, awareness, and rebirth. Scorpio is therefore associated with this symbolic "death and resurrection" process that occurs through inward transformation.

In case the above sounds a little intense, here are 15 self-care essentials to get you through Scorpio season, inspired by the cosmos.


Mara & Mine

Jem Skull Slippers, $159

Velvet smoking slippers with skeleton embroidery vibe with Scorpio's spooky, ancestral spirit. Plus, they're on sale.


Apothecary Co.

Black Obsidian Point, $19

Obsidian is a great gemstone for both growth and protection. Each hand-selected piece is also infused with healing, reiki energy.


Sunday Forever

Sage & Lighter Set, $20

You can't go wrong with some sage for cleansing, and a "Go Sage Yourself" lighter to channel sass. Think of this as step one in getting your space clear and prepped for the change to come.


Modern Seer

Modern Seer Tarot, $55

Always choose a tarot deck that you feel drawn to. I am in a serious minimalist phase right now and love the line art-inspired aesthetic.


Hellen NYC

Emerge From the Fog, $65

Each bath soak features therapeutic grade essential oils, bath salts, and cornflower petals, as well as reiki-infused quartz, lapis and chrysicolla crystals. After a twenty-minute soak, you'll be on your way to greater clarity.


Crafty Cake

Loose Leaf Smudge, $6

Face it: Sometimes sage bouquets are too hard to burn. BTW the founder of this shop is also the cousin of a talented Astro-vlogger, Falcons & Pentacles.


Shahida Arabi

Healing the Adult Children of Narcissists, $15.79

While this self-help book won't appeal to everyone, this is exactly the type of inner-work you can make progress on during this phase. The book is written by an author whose insights into personality disorders connect the complex trauma it imparts on children through the entire life course.

Expect validation, self-awareness and guidance through the next steps on your healing journey. This informative read adds to her already impressive oeuvre of healing tomes. (I have recommended her book Power: Surviving and Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse to countless friends.)

There are also a couple more noteworthy book launches to note. The first is The Magical Writing Grimoire, $19.99, by Lisa Marie Basile, author of Light Magic for Dark Times. Another hot pick is Astrology for Relationships by Girlboss' resident astrologer, Jessica Lanyadoo.


Priya Apotheca

Travel Kit, $44

I cannot emphasise enough how clean and powerful this vibrationally alive skincare line is. When I use it, I actually feel more growthful and in tune with the moon's phases.

It is infused with sacred sound vibrations and meticulously made in accordance with the moon cycles, but at the same time, it is backed by science. The skin barrier-supporting blend contains CBD — with a specialized terpene blend — which you can also ingest in the tincture, Beloved Beauty Potion.


Tamed Wild

Spell Candles, $26

These ritualistic candles are enhanced with herbs, crystals, oils, and intentions. They also plant trees with every purchase!


Hood Witch X Fifth & Ninth

Rose Quartz Clear iPhone Case, $25

LA's own manicured Hood Witch collaborated with Fifth & Ninth to make a line of crystal-inspired phone cases. They sell an array of phone accessories, including blue light blocking glasses!



#LIKEABOSS Limited Edition, $14

Cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan, and 14-free, which means it's free of 14 toxins commonly found in nail polish. This is my metallic polish pick for the season because it has just the right amount of edge. Plus, it's limited edition — so shop it while you still can.


Dauntless NYC

Star Vegan Leather Biker Jacket, $249

The stars make this vegan leather jacket cosmically appropriate. Plus, it's on sale at one of my favorite sustainable retailers, VOKE. You're welcome.


Venus et Fleur X Susan Miller

Zodiac by Susan Miller: Scorpio, $169

Each box holds long-lasting (as in a year) eternity roses, in unique shades selected by Susan Miller, the astrologer behind Astrology Zone. "Your color is a deep purple, like the sky at sunset, with slashes of purple and points of red," the site reads of Scorpio's fuschia-meets-plum hue.


Pai Skincare

In Your Element Gift Set, $40

This clean skincare brand's rosehip oil is a beloved anti-aging oils and one of the top retinol-alternatives (along with bakuchiol and phyto-EGF) recommended for pregnant women.



Scorpio Ring, $69

The gold vermeil and white sapphire ring is one of the most classic styles of astrological jewelry I’ve seen. The piece will likely outlast even the astrology trend itself.

What are your intentions this Scorpio season?

There is one affiliate link in this post — for the shoes — and TBH I don't even know if it works. Trust me, these recommendations are honest.

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