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10 Clean Beauty Launches to Shop at Credo this March

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Luxury CBD lip gloss, mystical fragrances, a wave-making sea salt hair spray, and more.

Saint Jane CBD Lip Gloss is one of Credo Beauty's new launches. (Photo via Saint Jane)

I love shopping at the clean beauty retailer, Credo Beauty, for everything from makeup staples to a self-heating eye mask for tension relief. The eco-conscious beauty destination does the dirty work for you, refusing to sell us products containing toxins — period. Any purchase you make from the indie-green version of Sephora has been carefully vetted and approved by their holistic standards of wellness before ever hitting the shelves.

If you haven't tried yet, it's a reassuring experience to be able to shop from a retailer that makes it a point to earn your trust.

Credo was one of the first of its kind that I discovered. I first shopped there with my close friend Becca, who had to change up her beauty regimen when she started getting chemotherapy and radiation. That's when we discovered Indie Lee's skincare line, which Lee founded after receiving the same diagnosis as my friend — pretty mind-boggling, huh?! We've both loved Credo ever since.

On that note, here are 10 new clean beauty launches to shop at Credo this March.


Eco-Luxe Deodorant

Corpus Third Rose Natural Deodorant ($22)

The Violet Grey-approved line of non-toxic deodorants includes three scents — Third Rose, The Botanist, and N* Green — all $22 and exclusive to Credo. I have one of their sticks in the scent Santalum, but haven’t sampled it yet. The line is all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. Still, somehow, Tom reacted to this — so discontinue use if need be.


CBD-Infused Lip Gloss

Saint Jane Beauty Microdose Lip Gloss ($28 each)

The whole "beauty-meets-wellness" concept just went to where my wildest dreams are made. Five shades of non-toxic luxury lip glosses — each infused with 50 mg CBD — sounds legitimately life-changing for a stress case like me. Saint Jane is cruelty-free and vegan, leaving a shiny lacquered finish with varying grades of shimmer. These glosses are novel down to their creative names, like Alchemy, Bliss, and Remedy. I want — no, need — them all.


Holistic Fragrance

Heretic Dirty Fig ($65)

Heretic Parfum is making its debut at Credo this month, starting with four of their unisex fragrances — Florgasm, Dirty Rose, Dirty Lemon, and the newbie: Dirty Fig (above). These functional fragrances incorporate principles of homeopathy, ayurveda, mysticism, and herbology, taking them well into wellness territory. Made from essential oils, non-GMO grape and sugarcane alcohols, concretes, absolutes, and other non-synthetic additives, it takes us back to the healing roots of perfume creation (which were transformative versus cosmetic). Everything down to its irreverent name appeals to me. Creator Doug Little created an eco-luxe gem that I plan to try out on myself and on Tom stat.


Cult-Favorite Highlighters in Powder

RMS Beauty Luminizing Powders ($38)

RMS Beauty's cult-favorite highlighter balms have been reborn as three pressed powders, which is amazing news for oily and combination skin types. Imparting just enough mineral pigment shimmer to glint "just so" in the light, the powders are designed to be silky and subtle. Available in three shades — Grande Dame, a moonlight-champagne; Midnight Hour, a sun-kissed bronze; and Madeira Bronzer, a rose-gold glow — these are bound to be a festival beauty favorite this season. Considering all the buzz around their popular balm highlighters, I expect the leading green beauty brand's launch will live up to the hype.


Silicone-Free Primer

Ilia True Skin Radiant Priming Serum ($52)

Primers prep the complexion for foundation and are supposed to be extra useful for oily skin types. If you're going to use one, an absorptive priming serum that hydrates, firms, and smooths is definitely worth a shot. This one contains hibiscus extract, aloe, and beta-glucan, which combine to tighten and create a smooth, even canvas for makeup. It does all this while reducing the appearances of pores and fine lines but without the controversy surrounding silicone. (Is silicone ghastly for the skin? Experts disagree, but the bottom line is: I don't know.)


Hydrosol Facial Mist

Wabi-Sabi Botanicals The Offering: Ageless Ritual Facial Mist ($48)

Here is a toning facial mist powered by hydrosols, ultra-potent essences that impart maximum benefits to the skin without being watered down. Each spritz contains nutrients, vitamins, and brightening orange blossom, which also promotes cell regeneration and tightens the surface of the skin. Toner is an important step that comes between cleansing and applying serum, balancing the skin's pH in before the next products in your lineup.


Sustainable Moisture Booster

BYBI Beauty Strawberry Oil Booster ($17)

This hydration booster serum is made from the unused strawberry seeds from the juicing industry. It's a great source of omega-3's and omega-6's which can help to create a smooth, soft, flake-free moisture barrier. It's also vegan! Boosters are a great way to customize your skincare regimens to meet your skin's exact needs — like a salad bar with toppings galore.


Multi-Tasking Beauty Stick

HAN 3-in-1 Color for Face ($16)

Multi-tasking cosmetics are always a great space-saving hack. Plus, sometimes I hate having to make choices and would rather apply something neutral. This clean skincare brand's versatile launch ticks off all those boxes. It comes in a soft berry hue called Rose Dust and a rusty shade named Toasted Nutmeg.

P.S. This line also makes a shade of blush, Coral, that is a clean beauty dupe for Nars Orgasm.


Crystal-Powered Wave-Maker

Innersense I Create Waves Texturizing Salt Spray ($26)

I love salt sprays and make use of the occasional hair texturizing product, even though I typically try to use hydrating, softening products. I've often reached for one by Captain Blankenship, an all-natural salt and water spray that gives my hair type beach-y waves, but would definitely give straight strands some volume, too. I would recommend trying this amethyst crystal-infused blend. The Himalayan pink mineral salt's drying effect is counteracted by moisturizing aloe vera and the packaging is charming. For a pretty blue bottle, check out the salt spray by Captain Blankenship.


Naturally Non-Toxic Toothpaste

The Wildist Toothpaste Clean Toothpaste ($8)

I've been gradually making my way through a variety of non-toxic toothpastes on the market. I am currently testing Kopari's coconut oil and activated charcoal blend. That being said, I would totally try out these fluoride-free concoctions given the opportunity. They're available in three flavors: Brilliant All Day Natural Toothpaste, Dreamomile Nighttime Natural Toothpaste, and Soothing Gentle Natural Toothpaste, which I assume is for sensitive teeth. As a Virgo, I am freakishly concerned about health and stress about my teeth in particular. (I have anxiety dreams about them falling out!)

Would you try any of these clean beauty launches? Tell me on Instagram!

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