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Crystal Self-Care Products To Empower Your Intentions

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Tiger's Eye is the ultimate gemstone for the aspiring HBIC.

Photo via Coco Chantel Candles

Crystal-Powered Self-Care? So Much Yes.

I recently received two crystal-powered self-care products in the mail — both containing Tiger's eye — and the synchronicity piqued my interest in the metaphysical rock. Said to have been admired since Roman times for its support in goal-attainment, I'll take all the help I can get — metaphysical or otherwise — following a bumpy beginning to 2019.

Coco Chantel Candles is a San Diego-based line of crystal-infused candles in reusable glass jars. The aromatic room-enhancer is burning on my desk right now, emitting a subtle fragrance and *hopefully* aligning me with its sacred symmetry. Beside it rests a crystal-powered essential oil blend from the 'Manifest' collection, made by Austin-based indie brand, The Good Hippie.

What I love about this eco-friendly, cruelty-free merch is that it can be used functionally. Tiger's eye serves as a personal reminder to maintain focus, tenacity, and perseverance (i.e. courage) in the pursuit of my long-term goals, especially when the potentials for failure or rejection make me want to give up.

As one of my favorite authors, Paulo Coelho, puts it, "You are not defeated when you lose, you are defeated when you quit." Yes, yes, so much yes. As I learned, Tiger's eye is the ultimate gemstone for the aspiring HBIC.

One of my favorite bloggers, Lauren Erro, with a set of crystal candles from Coco Chantel Candles

BTW, I recently discovered that some find the term 'manifesting' to be off-putting. To me, it's purely semantics. As Taylor Swift might say, “Call it what you want, babe."

If other terms like prayer, intention-setting, or positive psychology resonate more strongly with you, then by all means, use them. To me it’s about the underlying meaning.

When I use the word 'manifesting,' I am referring to the practice of aligning your thoughts, emotions, and intentions with your goals and desired outcomes.

As long as you're not harming anyone, embrace whatever verbiage works for you. The purpose of your self-care practice is self-empowerment, after all.

That being said, there is a correlation between positive mental states and well-being. Thoughts and emotions are reflected via changes to your hormones, brains, and physiology. Shifting them in a positive direction has been linked via research with pro-health outcomes. The practice of cultivating grounded states cues the relaxation response, helping the body to restore homeostasis and function efficiently.

As a lifelong stress-case and a former clinician, I like to nip my stress responses right in the bud. When I am on the brink of becoming overwhelmed, I try to implement self-care activities that will interrupt the self-perpetuating stress process, preventing me from spiraling into an overly anxious state. This might mean taking a CBD supplement, heading to yoga, lighting a crystal-powered candle, or all of the above. Responding with self-care is one of the more productive things I can do rather than letting stress stall me.

Note: This does not mean pretending away my fears, concerns or doubts; I am not a fan of denial. Rather, I acknowledge them and choose to work through them, opting for a self-compassionate mentality (rather than simply forcing myself through it). If you're like me and respond better to positive reinforcement than punishment, this is a great way to learn new behavioral responses to stress.

Over the course of my 20s, I learned to make self-care a part of my lifestyle and began treating myself with much more kindness and compassion. I found that the kinder I was with myself, the kinder I was to everyone else, too! But whether you speak about this topic in the language of science, like I did in graduate school, by using faith-based language, or using new-age terminology, the point is that stress begets stress, and self-care is the antidote.

Tiger's Eye: Channel That 'Eye Of The Tiger' Spirit

Just as essential oils help soothe the nervous system via the senses, esoteric teachings look to crystals for doing so at the subtle level.

Nature's trendiest rocks have even gone mainstream, with Hollywood darlings like Miranda Kerr allegedly stashing them in her bra.

When I lived in New York, I was once late to work buying crystals in Union Square. As my co-worker put it, "You would be late to work because you were buying rocks!"

That’s why receiving not one, but two, unrelated packages containing Tigers' eye felt like support for my stressed, goal-oriented state.

My Coco Chantel Tiger's Eye Candle ($20) has a crystal embedded at the bottom, with the words confidence, power, and balance printed right on the label.

When chasing your dreams, courage comes in handy while facing inner- and outer-obstacles ranging from self-doubt to actual rejection. (I am familiar with all of the above.)

According to the website, "[Tiger's Eye] stimulates taking action, and helps you make decisions with discernment and understanding, unclouded by your emotions."

I absolutely need help with this, but there are other blends — containing rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, and turquoise, — to support an array of uplifting states depending on what challenges you are currently facing. Combined with grounding scents, candles have the ability to create ambiance; and with these candles, you get to choose it.

The non-toxic, essential oil roller by The Good Hippie is equally amazing, and a touch more portable for on-the-go support. I like to roll it onto my inner wrists, under my nose, the back of my neck, or even behind my ears. Each time I use the roller, I am reminded to be courageous.

When used regularly to help cope, the combined thought, associated smell, and physical behavior can help you pause long enough to take different actions. This won't happen overnight, but the cognitive significance is real no matter how old you are — your brain can learn to enter healthier, happier states over the course of your entire life-span.

The MANIFEST collection comes in blends for courage, empowerment, and resilience, all containing metaphysical stones that were charged by the sun and moon. My blend contains warming patchouli, sandalwood, and clove oils to help anchor my inner-warrior spirit into my present.

"Tiger's eye encourages inspiration, courage, and luck," their website reveals. They call it the ultimate power-crystal for the solar plexus chakra, which is linked to our personal power and capacity to effect change. "It encourages us to go outside of our comfort zones, giving us the chance to grow, change, and transform into our true selves." I think of it as supporting a healthy ego, or outward persona. Considering the devastating effects of ego-wounds on the psyche — unaddressed, they can lead to traits associated with pathological narcissism, for example — having a resilient and flexible ego is crucial to living a self-actualized life.

...But Do They Work?

I'm not trying to make any grandiose claims, but our belief systems do empower certain objects and rituals to impact our mental states both positively and negatively. The benefits of the placebo effect are real, after all, even if the exact causal relationship sought was not significantly quantified.

Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted research that measured the physical impact of words on the crystalline structure of water. Words with positive intentions yielded symmetrical, efficient, and strong crystalline structures in frozen water molecules. Conversely, the discordant energy behind words like 'hate' and 'Hitler' yielded chaotic structures in the water.

These images seem to capture the impact of consciousness, or a subtle energy of intention, that yielded replicable results in the study.

Photo via The Blue Budha

Considering our biological composition is of 75-78% water, and the knowledge that subtle vibes can imprint upon water's molecular structure, what type of consciousness-conductor would you prefer to be: The efficient, self-sustainable, strong, and pretty snowflakes associated with positive meanings? Or the type of disarray and chaos of the water molecules imprinted with signifiers of malice?

It took me years to overcome my inner-skepticism — largely thanks to my older brother, Josh. But I would argue that our skeptical defenses are a normal part of the path. It took me years of navigating my way through self-doubt before I came to accept the belief that I can derive benefits from crystals, even without needing proof of what those specific outcomes are. Using your intuition as a guide, just pursue peaceful states and let the relaxation response work its magic.

If you're a highly sensitive person, or an empath, you have undoubtedly realized how attuned the human body can be. That's why I keep both of these crystal-infused self-care products in my office, right beside my desk. One of my BFF's, Meredith, recently sent me some crystals for protection. I love to carry them with me and even switch them between purses. I’m benefitting from ethereal protection, but I am also benefiting from the positive reminder of what a badass friend she is.

The bottom line is: I like crystals, I like candles, and I love the two of them together!

P.S. My favorite body oil contains a rose quartz crystal, too! Read about it here.


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