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A DIY Conditioning Hair Mask Recipe to Try by a Naturopath and Nutritionist

Get your strands summer-ready.

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Anna Mitsios is a naturopath, nutritionist, and the founder of the skincare line, Edible Beauty. While we're stuck indoors waiting for lockdown to end, it's actually the ideal time to show our hair a little love. Rather than trying out a risky self haircut, put down the scissors — after all, a haircut can wait if you learn to embrace undone, grown out hair as the French do. A DIY hair mask is a risk-free alternative to consider so long as you aren't allergic to any of the ingredients below.

Mitsios has provided the recipe for a food-grade hair mask that can be created using ingredients found in your kitchen. The mask can also be used on the skin, and we have long been fans of using food-grade skincare products because they harness nature's potent healers in their purest forms, which I wrote about on Brit + Co..

As fans of letting food be thy medicine, it is high time we let our locks in on the fun. Here is how to let the nutrients and minerals found in fresh, organic food sources work their natural wonders on your hair! Try the recipe below to see for yourself.

What You'll Need:

1 small, ripe avocado

2 tablespoons coconut yogurt

1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

1 tablespoon of pink clay (or oatmeal)

1 tablespoon of agave or brown rice syrup

2-3 drops of rosemary essential oil

Note: If you don't have agave or brown rice syrup, you can use honey!


Combine the above ingredients in the bowl and mix them well. You can add more or less coconut oil to reach your preferred mask consistency. If you do not have pink clay, which helps to regulate oil production, oatmeal can be used instead. Also, the rosemary essential oil is optional, but if you use it it will help promote circulation.

This mask is best applied to wet hair that has been towel-dried. Begin by combing out your strands to get them nice and detangled, and it can also help to section off the hair into smaller portions. Apply the blended concoction beginning with the roots, working your way to the tips of the hair. Leave it on for twenty to thirty minutes, rinse well, and voila!

The Beauty Benefits of Food

If you're wondering what to expect from the ingredients above, Mitsios explains all their wholesome benefits of the super beauty foods she selected. For instance, buzzy apple cider vinegar alone can help with the scalp, texture, and health of the strands. "When combined with the enzymes found in this fermented brew, it can work to lock in moisture and smooth the hair," Mitsios notes.

Specifically, ACV possesses anti-inflammatory properties can reduce scalp irritation and remedy dandruff. The alphahydroxy acids it contains leave hair shiny and silky, and she explains that it's astringent nature reduces frizz, treats product buildup, and balances sebum production.

Moving along, the coconut yogurt contained in this recipe is more than just a scrumptious treat. "It is fantastic for the hair due to it's unique fatty acid profile," Mitsios explains, adding, "It is rich in lauric acid along with fatty acids that help to strengthen the hair cuticle, making hair more resilient." Some even report that it can help with hair loss.

If you're into DIY beauty, here you can learn how to perform safe self-extractions according to a celebrity esthetician.

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