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Energy Healing: 7 Yoga Asanas to Activate Your Chakras in 2020

A psychic medium and spiritual advisor provides the scoop on maintaining your ethereal well-being.

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Tending to your holistic health means taking stock of all levels of your wellness — physical, mental, emotional, and etheric. But managing your energetic health is less straightforward than, say, taking a daily probiotic. To begin with, it helps to become acquainted with your chakras, which are like spiritual energy sensors for the body that impact your multi-dimensional well-being.

To help guide us, psychic medium and spiritual advisor Kristine Fredheim provides specific asanas, or yogic postures, to open and activate each of the body's main energy centers. Keep reading to learn how to tend to your holistic health — including your chakras — in 2020.

What are chakras?

Think of chakras as the energy body's limbs or organs, like little "energy computers" that process the unseen aspects of the world around us. Esoteric teachings hold that each chakra's functioning correlates to a level of emotional, behavioral, and even physical health. For instance, the solar plexus chakra corresponds with the ego, governing self-esteem, and the vitality of the upper abdomen region, including digestion and "elimination.”

When clear, the chakras, which are located along the body's meridians along the spine, can open, close, and spin freely. Energy blockages, however, obstruct their free range of movement, negatively impacting our functioning.

What are blocks?

Energy blocks stem from suppressed emotions, traumas, memories, or simply elements of our "shadow selves," those uncomfortable parts of ourselves that we have yet to become conscious of. Blocked energy translates into problematic behaviors, habits, and areas of our lives in which we feel stuck, stagnant, or held back from growth.

Thankfully, there are many ways to get blocked energy moving again, which yields multi-dimensional benefits felf from the energetic, to the emotional, physical, and behavioral levels. Energy healing practices (i.e. reiki, acupuncture), lifestyle (i.e. high-vibration diets, detox), physical body work (i.e. yoga, massage, etc.), and even practices as subtle as breath work can all help stagnant energy get moving.

How to clear energy blocks

To get started with your at-home chakra activations, follow along with Fredheim's guidance as you work your way through the chakras, beginning with the root and working your way up to the crown. If you’re doing a series, don’t go out of order, and don't over-emphasize just one.

"Focus your breath on the chakra point and imagine a spinning, clockwise wheel in the color of the chakra," Fredheim instructs. "Work on your chakras [...] as a cleanse and re-boot." Use the postures below to activate and clear personal blocks at each center's associated level of functioning — and if you experience emotional clearing, be encouraged, as that is a sign of energy clearing.

If you're new to the world of energy healing, you can read more in my article on Nécessité.co. If you're farther along on your spiritual path, remember that Kundalini energy — the energy of awakening — is said to be coiled at the root of the spine. Spiritual awakening releases this energy, which works its way up the chakras from the root to the crown, opening and clearing them along the way. Channel this process of spiritual evolution when you practice the asanas below, which provide us with yet another way to become more proactive in our spiritual wellness.


Root Chakra

Photo by Katee Lue on Unsplash

Color: Red

Asana: Tree Pose

Mantra: LAM

Foods: Red bell pepper, Red apple

The root chakra channels the energy in and around the base of the spine. When your root chakra is imbalanced, you may have a sense of insecurity relating to your most fundamental survival needs (i.e. food, shelter, etc.), or even lower back pain. It is also the chakra of groundedness and connectedness to the earth. Worries, particularly about money, are also a symptom of root chakra imbalance.


Sacral Chakra

Color: Orange

Asana: Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend

Mantra: VAM

Foods: Orange, apricot

The sacral chakra is linked to the sacred feminine, corresponding to the pelvic and womb region of the body. It governs qualities like creativity, passion, and intimacy. If you're feeling creatively blocked, are experiencing imbalances in your libido, or irregularity in your menstrual cycle, all can indicate imbalance in the second chakra.


Solar Plexus Chakra

Photo by Form on Unsplash

Color: Yellow

Asana: Warrior Pose

Mantra: RAM

Foods: Lemon, yellow squash

The solar plexus chakra relates to your confidence, gut instincts, and sense of personal power. How you relate to the world is determined by the health of this energy center, which is why when you're feeling self-conscious, it can feel comforting to curl up, cover your abdomen, and swaddle yourself in a blanket. Digestive issues, "bathroom"-related difficulties, and personal insecurities can all have to do with this energy center's functioning.


Heart Chakra

Color: Green

Asana: Camel Pose

Mantra: YAM

Foods: Kale, zucchini, cucumber, spinach

The spiritual heart relates to matters of giving and receiving love, including self-love, as well as healing, joy, and connection. If you are emotionally blocked off or numb, a back-bending camel pose can help stretch open your heart center and give the energy center a little surge. A free-flowing heart chakra goes along with unconditional love, whereas those who are stingy with their compassion — or too overbearing with their attachments — might be energetically stunted, so to speak. While green is most commonly associated with the heart chakra, I have also seen soft pinks used to reflect the center of love. Respiratory problems, shoulder or upper-arm pain, or even upper-back pain are physical manifestations of heart chakra troubles.


Throat Chakra

Color: Blue

Asana: Shoulder Stand

Mantra: HAM

Foods: Blueberries

Your throat chakra governs your thyroid gland and is expressed by your voice, or means of authentic self-expression, as well as impacting your creativity. If you have trouble speaking up and sharing your truth, this reflects a blockage in your throat chakra. Interestingly enough, the throat can also store grief. If you've ever felt a lump in your throat when you were sad (and maybe holding back tears) this is the ethereal explanation of why. Giving your neck a little massage can go a long way in easing blocked energy. Sinus pain, sore throat, thyroid imbalances, and TMJ are a few of the physical ailments associated with the fifth chakra.


Third Eye

Color: Purple or Indigo (Dark Blue)

Asana: Downward Facing Dog

Mantra: OM

Foods: Grapes, eggplant, radish

Your third eye is the seat of your intuition, imagination, and psychic abilities. If you're clairvoyant, then you have an open third eye. If you have trouble with discernment and judgment, then your environmental perceptions might not be grounded in your higher knowing. Blockages are frequently experienced as trouble concentrating and fear of the unknown. Eye, ear, scalp, hair, and spinal issues are all said to be related to the third eye.


Crown Chakra

Color: Violet or Luminous (Purplish White)

Asana: Headstand or Lotus Pose

Mantra: OM

This is the chakra of enlightenment, but also your connection to the universe. They say that the chakra is a thousand-petaled lotus that sits directly atop the crown of the head. As you progress in your spiritual development towards enlightenment, it is said to unfurl and open. The opening of the crown cues spiritual insights and access to higher states of consciousness, like unity consciousness, or the knowledge that we are all one. Depression, epilepsy, and schizophrenia are just a few of the afflictions associated with crown chakra imbalance.

Now, here are a few chakra-themed treats to enjoy on your journey to balancing your chakras.


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The Now Roots Mix, $35

Crystal skeptics should look away now. Crystalline frequencies are said to align with our subtle energies to help balance out and impact our overall vibe. The Now, a popular massage studio and shop (where I've received a CBD massage back in LA), sells these curated chakra-balancing crystal kits.


She's Lost Control WTP Howlite Crystal, $167

This bougie crystal buy is to help you de-stress. Chill, healing, balancing vibes all make a difference on the ethereal level.


Blessed Herbal Candles, $15.95

I used to buy reiki-charged candles and chakra candles constantly. This one comes with an affirmation reading, "My spirit has become heavy, my burden too great. The earthly and divine meet to cleanse my spirit. From the center of my heart I release these heavy stones; I release unwanted thoughts, I release all that I have outgrown, I am free of all spiritual traps, I am cleansed of my confusion, I am balanced and purified. This pain and stress become illusion. So mote it be."

You can get them in various colors and for various purposes, just be sure to drink a lot of water while burning them.


Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith PhD, $15.95

Of the many metaphysical books I've owned over the years, I remember having this one for a class I took on chakras.


La Tierra Sagrada Jojoba Hair Medicine, $42

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Aether Beauty Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Eyeshadow Palette, $58

The vegan, cruelty-free, and clean beauty brand made the first zero-waste palette in the industry. Each of the twelve, shimmering shadows are infused with rose quartz to elevate your lids to the next level — and give your heart chakra a little boost.


Mazz Hanna x ORLY Manifestation Kit, $35

Keep your vibes high and your intentions clear with the power of crystals at your fingertips. (Literally.) Celebrity manicurist Mazz Hanna, who has worked with a long list of celebs that include Julia *and* Emma Roberts, created this limited edition kit in collaboration with ORLY. Each shade is from their water-based, breathable polish line, which is free of all the big bad toxins in nail care (except for benzophenone, which is found in almost every nail polish line). Your manifesting game will be stronger than ever.

Now that your ethereal health is covered, tend to your physical body by prioritizing sleep.

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