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Fashion Line Endless Summer Donates Portion of Profits to the ASPA

Do you love dogs and cats? Then shop away — it's win-win.

I highly identify with the dog-mom mentality that is too often mocked among millennials. I've had my miniature schnauzer, Jackson, since college. I love him so much I got a second, Delilah, three years ago. Tom and I are both obsessed with our little fuzzies.

Endless Summer Cha Cha Crop Top + Gigi Pant

Beyond the canines I keep close, I feel strongly about the cause of animal rights. I was vegan for years, and make it a point to place cruelty-free products in my articles. When I found out that the beauty line 100% Pure was donating vegan dog food to shelter dogs, I considered it one of the best excuses to shop — ever.

Which brings me to the clothing line Endless Summer. Made up of trend-right garments in simple silhouettes and patterns like florals and polka dots, you can pair items together in Spring-ready ensembles or mix-and-match them with your wardrobe staples.

I've had my eye on their fashion sets, crop tops, slip skirts, and mini dresses for a while now, and even included one of their jumpsuits in a Brit + Co. post.

Many of you liked the Endless Summer top-and-bottom set from my blush beauty and fashion post, and today I found out that the stylish retailer donates a portion of proceeds to the ASPA! It's not a promotion, either. They've done so since launching and will continue to do so indefinitely, even if you make your purchase from Revolve. If that's not an incentive to shop from the up-and-coming fashion line, then you've obviously never loved a pet like family.

Knowing that your stylish fashion splurge can actually do good for a needy animal is one guaranteed way to avoid shopper's remorse. Plus, it feels intrinsically good to put a little "social justice" into the power of your purchase.

Here are ten Endless Summer garments to shop that donate to the ASPCA.


Cha Cha Crop Top ($89)


Isabel Skirt ($128)


Katie Crop Top ($68) + Elle Midi Skirt ($98)


Lulu Mini ($158)


Lily Slip ($158)


Lola Skirt Set ($178)


Luna Maxi ($179)


Mia Mini ($168)


Harper Slip Dress ($168)


Bella Crop Top ($98) + Zoey Short ($118)

What are your favorite pieces from Endless Summer? Tell me on Instagram!

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