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Fashion Tips for Tall Girls, Courtesy of Midheaven Denim by Kathryn Brolin

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

The days of too-short jeans are over.

Photo by Caique Silva on Unsplash

For so many, denim is a wardrobe staple with unrivaled versatility. Cropped styles are a personal favorite for the daytime, and there’s nothing like high-waisted skinny jeans come night. My appreciation for denim brings up a personal pet peeve of mine, which has always been too-short jeans — especially when it comes to flares.

Nothing kills the look of non-cropped denim — such as flared, wide-leg, or relaxed-fitting boyfriend jeans — like being unintentionally too short. Finding your most comfortable fit depends upon many factors, like material, wash, and comfort. Length, of course, is a biggie.

Midheaven Denim by Kathryn Brolin takes the sartorial challenge out of pant-shopping when you've got extra-long legs. What makes the luxury denim brand such a novelty is that they make shopping for all girls — including tall girls — easier.

I recently found this baby photo of my boyfriend, Tom, in which I think he looks like a baby Josh Brolin. Imagine my excitement when I got to collaborate with Josh Brolin's wife just a few weeks later!

Offering both regular and tall lengths of elevated denim staples, it has never been easier to shop your preferred denim styles in both regular and tall lengths.

This also comes in perfect timing with the fashion industry's push for inclusivity. As clothing lines are extending their size ranges, creating designs tailored to meet different body types' needs, Midheaven already has.

And remember: It can be easy to discount the woes of those whose problems you *think* you'd prefer to your own — in this case, the plight of of extra-leggy women. But we're more evolved than that.

We all deserve the perfect pair of jeans. It's just that if you're 5'8" or above, you will definitely want to keep reading.

Here are three style tips for tall girls according to Kathryn Brolin, founder of Midheaven Denim.


Own your power stance.

Midheaven Denim Seraphina, $289

"Everything looks better on a figure with great posture," Brolin shares. "Always hold your shoulders back, stand up straight, and be proud of that beautiful height!"

I can't tell you how many times I've heard tall, modelesque babes comment on how self-conscious their height makes them feel. When you're small, it's easier to stay hidden; when standing on stilts, it's not so easy to blend in. I've seen this lead to hunched shoulders and slouching, both in person and in photos. The self-consciousness physically manifests in a stance that looks timid and unsure, almost as if you're cowering.

News flash: Your "stilts" are hot!

Instead of trying to remain unseen, proudly convey your personal power by baring your solar plexus and heart chakras openly. The heart represents compassion, while the solar plexus represents your ego/confidence; when you're retracting your energy within, it becomes harder to draw upon the strengths of our centers of love and self-determination.

Photo by Natalie Grainger on Unsplash

Basically, if you catch yourself slouching or cowering, pull your shoulders back and confidently own your very own power-stance.


Don't ditch the heels.

Midheaven Denim The Bonita, $268

"Don't be afraid to wear a mean pair of heels! A pair of heels works wonders for a tall woman's body," says Brolin.

This is so true — and not just for tall women. First of all, I love the way that heels make legs look longer. But I have also noticed that wearing heels activates certain muscles of the body. When they contract, it's literally a contouring effect that makes your shape even more appealing.

Strappy stilettos look amazing with cropped lengths and raw-hems, but I love pairing skinnys with pumps. For summer, I would totally pair the white jeans above with these nude pumps by Huntd — which, believe it or not, are also vegan! And don't worry about it if the jeans bunch a little bit at the bottom, it still looks cute.

One of the things I've noticed in the media lately has been the height difference between Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas. When wearing heels, she towers over him — as well as her BFF, Maisie Williams. If Sansa knows better than to sacrifice heels for the sake of her height, we should totally follow her lead.


Invest in stylish outerwear.

Midheaven Denim Valentina, $240

"Need to add a bit of extra umph? A bit of length on an outer layer can add a healthy dose of drama to your outfit, [especially] on a tall frame. Try adding a kimono over your jeans and t-short to spice up a dressed-down look," Brolin states.

This is a great example of using your height to your advantage. While shorter girls can risk looking boxy with the addition of a flashy outer layer, taller chicks can totally rock it. It can even create a color-blocked effect that plays on your hemlines, moving the focus of the eye vertically. While legs with less length might be enveloped by outer layers, long legs can definitely pull-off the silhouette.

BTW, there's nothing more chill than donning a silk kimono like Strathcona Weekend Leisure Mary Kimono Robe, $448. But other textures and lengths are equally fab to style with jeans. I love the way Miss Me Floral Velvet Kimono, $76, has a thicker texture for warmth, while Fleur du Mal Lace Kimono, $595, still has the adorable bow-tie closure in back that I love. I would cocoon myself in the White + Warren Luxe Cashmere Robe, $478, on a daily basis given the chance.

Kimonos by Strathcona, MissMe, Fleur du Mal, and White + Warren.

P.S. Boudoir-inspired robes always remind me of the movie The Big Lebowski. My fuzzy pink bathrobe is very "The Dude," or Jeff Bridges stoner character. But my kimono from Sunday Forever is so "Maude," Julianne Moore's avant-garde, feminist character. (Spoiler: They conceive a bébé in the film. If that kid existed IRL, I think it would actually be me.)

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