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I Tried the $15 Sun Hat That's Trending on Amazon

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Bring on the shade — literally.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

I love wearing hats in the summertime, so when I saw that a $15 hat was trending on Amazon, I had to try it. They’re useful to me when sunbathing, hiding from the sun post-laser treatment at the dermatologist's, or for generally keeping covered when I’d rather not be in public.

Plus, keeping UV-rays off your face is one unavoidable step in a preventative skincare regimen, as sun damage causes a slew of skin woes that range from freckles, to hyper-pigmentation, to cancer. This makes sun-protective clothing appealing in any summer wardrobe.

I rarely burn, but there was one summer in High School that my nose suffered the effects of my poor SPF-etiquette. I ended up with a second-degree burn and blister that forever changed the texture of the skin on the bridge of my nose. To this day, it is prone to freckling, feels oddly smooth, and is the most clogged region ever.

While I can't confirm that all those symptoms were caused by sun damage, it did teach me a lesson in just how harsh our planet's elements can be. Other than wearing a waterproof, reef-safe SPF, hi-tech sun hats and swimsuits really change the game. This fedora alone is UPF 50+.

According to BuzzFeed, it has been flying off of Amazon's virtual shelves. I got it in taupe with a black band, and I'm a huge fan — literally wearing it right now. I also love the cream shade below and own another hat off Amazon just like it.

Lanzom Women Wide Brim Straw Panama Fedora, UPF50+ ($16)

It's cute, stylish, functional, and a total steal.

Do you have any cute hat recs? Please tell me on Instagram.

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