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A Luxe Gift Guide for Girls That Love Sleep

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

No judgment here — napping is my favorite hobby.

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I recently saw a prompt for an article that read, "What you wish you could tell your younger self." There are a lot of things I wish I could tell myself in my younger years, but one of the top tips would be: prioritize sleep.

For all the late nights I stayed up studying in school, or sacrificed sleep for jobs that I ultimately hated, to the serious anxiety I had about my insomnia, I would emphasize the importance of rest for my wellness — and then give myself permission to put that first.

It's necessary for everything. For your physical health, mental health, disposition, and yes, even your skin. When people sacrifice sleep — especially out of some form of sacrifice or martyrdom — I get a visceral reaction in my body. It literally repulses me.

Make it your new norm to put wellness first. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is an incredible night's sleep. The nap-lover's wish list below will help.



Bamboo Charcoal Sheet Set, $178

Not only are these organic sheets both soft and sustainable, but there is bamboo charcoal infused into the Lyocell sheets. This is purifying for the skin, helps with odor, and fights bacteria, while the textile itself is more efficient to manufacture than cotton.


Pour Les Femmes

Linen Stripe Boyfriend Sleep Shirt, $195

The "sensual nonchalance" of this menswear-inspired sleep shirt gives off the exact lazy-chic vibe that I want to channel — always. This social justice-informed brand also provides work to women in the Congo for each garment sold.



Cloud Pink, $130

These faux fur, blush slippers will keep your feet warm on the coolest mornings. A portion of the brand's profits also go towards providing at-risk youth with opportunities to spend time in nature.


Able CBD

ABLE CBD Tri Sleep Strips, $39

These are my favorite supplements that I have ever tried. The sub-lingual delivery method is said to be effective and quick, while the pharmacist-developed formula helps you fall — and stay — asleep.

Hint: Use the following code for a special discount: elba!oj


Branché Sleep

La Sieste Tranquilité Silk Weighted Eye Mask, $48

Anti-aging silk coats this weighted sleep mask, which is filled with aromatic French Lavender. This has helped me fall back asleep on nights when I have a headache and is an excellent tool to use during meditation.


Shhh Silk

Oversized Black Silk Scrunchies, $26

I'm addicted to these silk scrunchies, which help prevent split ends. Every purchase from the brand donates a sleep mask to a homeless person in need.


Moon Juice

Magnesi-Om, $42

I take a Magnesium supplement at night. I've been using The Nue Co.'s topical magnesium spray and have taken capsules in the past, but I do like Moon Juice. Magnesium can help with everything from constipation, to depression, to muscle aches... and a lack of sleepiness.



Butter Skinnies, $88

These are raw-hem, ultra-soft, and perfect for lounging — or sleeping — in. I don't know what I'd do without black leggings. They're a staple in my wardrobe.



Activated Charcoal + Hemp Seed Oil, $6.99

Activated charcoal helps to whiten and detoxify, while hemp seed oil helps soothe and nourish the gums. I haven't tried this flavor, but I have tried the brand and can only imagine it rocks.


Déesse Pro

Déesse PRO Mask Next Generation, $1,900

The price tag is insane, but it contains NASA-developed technology that heals, purifies, and "reverse ages" the skin. This is an anti-inflammatory game-changer and — truthfully — when I do LED beds back in LA, I always end up taking a nap afterwards. It makes sense because your skin regenerates while you sleep, a process that is initiated by this game-changing little mask.

Do you have insomnia? I feel for you.

This post contains some affiliate links for which I might receive a small commission. Emphasis on small.

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