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How to Handle Awkward Conversations About Your CBD Use — and the Best Goodies to Shop RN

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

(Without starting a fight.)

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How to Handle Awkward Conversations About Your CBD Use

by Meredith Schneider

We survived the holidays... but how many of us faced awkward conversations with, or judgment from, nosy family members about CBD or pot use? The unfortunate fact is that haters, those pesky anti-CBD trolls, never seem to take a vacation from their badgering. Virtually any time you gather with family or friends, or gear up to spend (way too much) time together, someone will stir the pot, bringing up your affinity for "green" living, or your CBD, hemp or leafy-green love. (Even better, if you reside in any of the sixteen states where marijuana use is legal, then that.)

“Isn’t it a psychedelic? Doesn’t it poison your body?”

“How can you possibly justify treating your pain with illegal lotion?”

“Where is it legal?” “What are you allowed to do?” “Will the neighbors call the cops?”

Broaching the hemp topic can be super uncomfortable with mixed demographics, particularly among people who don’t understand the effects of cannabinoids — let alone have knowledge of the many strains of the marijuana plant, what the different parts of the plant do, or how incredible this earth-grown medicinal herb can be for your body. Most people have regarded it as taboo for so long that they do not even acknowledge the recent legalization laws.

These are all reasons why it’s officially time to break it down, once and for all. The next time you are confronted by a skeptic or hater, you can be prepared to school them on all things CBD. After all, it's a new decade — one in which marijuana is set to be legal on the federal level. I think we can all agree that it's time to table our judgments... period.


Hemp has been removed from the list of illegal controlled substances.

On December 3rd, the Federal Reserve issued a statement clarifying that hemp has been removed from the list of illegal controlled substances. This means that on a federal level, banks no longer have to file additional paperwork to partner with CBD and hemp-based producers. As a result the process will be streamlined, and our healthy greens won’t have red flags all over them.

In fact, five different organizations have partnered to streamline the process for business owners so that each party can benefit completely. This will ultimately help secure similar processes once marijuana is legalized federally. Sixteen states are on board with recreational weed-use so far — and many more support medicinal marijuana — so the country cannot be far behind.


Regulations can be used to fund improvements for all.

With federal level acknowledgement of hemp and CBD as legitimate businesses, there is so much potential for states and municipalities to make more money. (California, anyone?!) It all comes down to regulation. We're also happy for any excuse to help holistic health rise in prominence and legitimacy. While we all hate paying taxes, the fact is that skeptics should rejoice that this new domain of taxation — providing funding coming only from green-friendlies — can improve the standard of living for all. Just like the lottery is used to fund education, we can all reap the benefits of regulating this new industry... if only policy-makers could reserve their judgments and stop fighting legalization.


The cannabis plant is already legal in eleven states.


The entirety of the marijuana plant has already been made legal — with varying restrictions — in eleven different states for adults over the age of 21. It is legal for medical use in 33 states. And the sweep of legalization doesn’t show signs of stopping. Even if you’re speaking with a staunch member of the Republican Party, you can let them know that recent reports introduce Mitch McConnell as an ally of the industry.


For the last time, CBD does not get you high, people.

For those wondering what the difference is between legal CBD and marijuana, know that there are two natural compounds found in cannabis plants: cannabidiol (CBD) and tertrahydrocannabinol (THC). In fact, there are many more, but these are two big names that people talk about.

CBD is now legal nationwide, largely because THC is the chemical responsible for the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana. Some CBD products — broad spectrum CBD, never CBD isolate — do contain THC, but no more than 0.3% in order to be legal.

For those family members that are worried about you and the young cohorts “getting high” off your CBD lotions, oils, tinctures, bath bombs, teas, and other legal products, they can stuff it because CBD is not known to incur psychoactive effects. Even if you chugged an entire bottle of tincture, it still would not show up on a drug test as an illegal substance. (But don’t do that. Feels wasteful. Let’s stick to starting with 2-3 drops under your tongue twice a day and go from there, ok?)


Haters gonna hate... but they could probably benefit from CBD, too.

If they've still got their panties in a bunch, it couldn't be clearer that they could absolutely benefit from the chill-inducing benefits of CBD in their lives. Until then, have an extra serving of our favorite anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and pro-health supplement and try not to let their nagging get under your skin.

Now that you know how to tell sweet Aunt Carolyn to chill when she comes at you with all types of questions about her new CBD bath bomb, treat yo'self to some of the brands and noteworthy products we scouted below.


Equilibria Women

Brilliance Box, $160 or $129 with subscription

Equilibria is a Chicago-based CBD company offering premium, farm-fresh, full-spectrum CBD products. Every member benefits from their own Dosage specialist so that you can use your goodies as efficiently as possible. Plus, they offer subscription boxes so you don't even have to remember to re-order.



CBD Deodorant, $18

New launch alert! The coconut beauty mavens at Kopari just created a new CBD-infused line, including their best-selling deodorant. It's a must-try. The newly launched collection also features a body lotion and relief balm.


Hora Skincare

x Poosh Hyaluronic Halo, $50

Our founder's current obsession is this hyaluronic acid and CBD-packed serum by the makers of our favorite exfoliating overnight mask, Hora Skincare. This soothing, hydrating, plumping serum also features vitamin C, vitamin B3, and peach leaf extract for antioxidant protection and brightening barrier support. Kourtney Kardashian is quickly becoming our favorite member of the famous brood...


Pot Head

Leave Me Be, $34.50

This leave-in conditioner's name hits it right on the head: leave me be! It's made with shea butter, hydrolyzed proteins, and CBD oil to show our strands extra-protective nourishment in your winter skincare regimen.


Infinite CBD

Nano Enhancer - 900mg, 3000mg, 6000mg, $50+

We've been adding this booster into our favorite skincare products and absolutely loving the skin-soothing, anti-inflammatory, healing effects. You can also add it to your drinks for instantaneous chill, because it's nanotized molecular size allows for the fastest absorption possible. Hint: It can also make harsh actives gentler on the skin, so it's great for healing and pairing with potential irritants.



Activated Charcoal CBD Bath Bomb, $12.99

Some of the most "scrumtrulescent" bath bombs we've ever experienced. This activated charcoal and CBD blend will help you detox — and relax while you're at it.


Josie Maran

Skin Dope Organic Glow Oil, $65

Calm that fatigued winter skin after you read up on the esthetician-approved benefits of CBD for skin. This non-comedogenic (i.e. non-pore clogging) blend will score you smooth skin, a strong skin barrier, and a healthy glow sans breakouts courtesy of two incredible skin-lovers: hemp seed and Argan oil.


Lord Jones

x Tamara Mellon High CBD Formula Stiletto Cream, $70

Use this CBD-enhanced foot cream, developed in collaboration with the Meghan Markle-approved footwear designer before and after a night in your heels to help avoid foot pain.


Saint Jane

Luxury Beauty Serum - Deluxe Travel Size, $38

The luxury clean beauty brand's newest launch is this adorable mini size of their beloved beauty serum. We adore all things Saint Jane, including their lovely founder, Casey Georgeson.



Eye Cream, $95

Never scrimp on tending to les yeux. Luxury, clean eye cream featuring anti-aging carrot seed oil, anti-inflammatory nettle, and circulation-enhancing yarrow will help to fend off fine lines that come with age.



x Neiman Marcus Exclusive CBD Gift Set, $70

Sample the new clean beauty brand, Fitish, in this exclusive gift set by Neiman Marcus. It includes a lip treatment, facial moisturizer, and body moisturizer featuring our beloved, CBD.


Kana Vita

Cream, $100

Adhering to the beauty regulations set forth by the EU — which are significantly more strict than those stateside — this antioxidant-packed moisturizer is ideal for winter. The potent formulation includes 750mg (!!) of anti-inflammatory CBD and can be used as a spot treatment, cream, or overnight mask.


Canabliss Organic

Bliss Kiss Balm, $12

Got a stressed-out sweetie? Try this. The vegan lip balm is made with shea butter, jojoba oil, schisandra, and goji berry to deliver some CBD-packed goodness to your smooches.



B. Well 100mg CBD + Arnica Flower Soothing Skin & Scalp Oil, $48

A CBD haircare line — Emera — is what helps our founder soothe and heal her scalp eczema when it flares up. Arnica is another great ingredient for healing and soothing skin, including the scalp.


Khus Khus

Copious Body Serum, $48

Layering body oil underneath your body butter or moisturizer is one of our ultimate hacks for preventing itchy skin in the winter. This one is an impressive blend for a reasonable price.


South Seas Skincare

Pineapple Express Body Butter, $39

This oil-rich body butter, which is infused with 100 mg CBD, could be the one to try your new CBD oil with (see above). Our only warning is that it has fragrance listed on the ingredients, which can sometimes mask hidden phthalates.


Able CBD

Tri-Sleep Strips, $39 for 10

We love sleep. These pharmacist-developed, sub-lingual sleep strips really work thanks to CBD, melatonin, and 5-hydroxytryptophan. Use the code elba!oj for a discount.


Holistic Hound

Mighty Mojo Full Spectrum Hemp & Mushroom Oil with Water Soluble Hemp, $59.99

Now your best friend's supplement game can be taken to new levels with the immunity-enhancing, adaptogenic mushroom oil included in this CBD oil blend. Holistic Hound is cutting edge — they even make a CBG tincture for pets.


Honest Paws

PURRITY Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Cats, $49.95

They don't call them scaredy cats for nothin'...



Hemp-Infused Herbal Tea

These flavorful beverages are infused with hemp extract and adaptogens like reishi to treat targeted concerns, ranging from stress to low energy. They will hit the spot and calm the mind.

Want to know what not to put on your skin? Find out what a dermatologist says here.

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