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3 Ways to Use Lord Jones Royal Oil, the Most Versatile CBD Supplement Yet

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

The multi-tasking wellness formula makes a little "CBD therapy" more accessible than ever.

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Meet Lord Jones' Innovative, Versatile New CBD Product That Puts All Others to Shame

by Meredith Schneider

I’m a woman of versatility. I love simplifying my product regimen with healthy alternatives, and items that accomplish multiple tasks. What’s better than treating yourself right and treating the earth right by creating less waste, am I right?

But in all my years working on consolidation — and trust me, it runs deep all the way back to my days as a child in Northern California — I have never truly witnessed something quite like Lord Jones Royal Oil ($100).

This versatile, 1000mg broad spectrum CBD oil can be utilized as a beverage booster, a topical, or a tincture. Touting on its label a vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, alcohol-free experience, Lord Jones uses only two ingredients (broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil and grape seed oil). Plus, it's void of THC — the stuff that gets you high.

Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops

As someone who has tried every type of CBD product — from broad spectrum tinctures, to water solubles, to lotions and balms, water, tea, and coffee — I have never been so mystified as to how something can work so well for every purpose it outlines.

I have always preferred a tincture, as it seems to hit my system faster than other options. (Though, I will say I have a huge place in my heart for topicals as well, as they often come in amazing scents and truly do make a difference in pain relief for hours at a time!)

But using Lord Jones Royal Oil in any capacity hit my system quickly, providing fast acting and obvious benefits.





Fast Relief for Anxiety

Drop some liquid goodness beneath the tongue, hold for a minute, then swallow for the fastest-possible delivery method. You will experience zero psychoactive effects.

[Ed Note: I used to take CBD tinctures during the workday as a therapist.]

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Treat Pain and Heal Skin

CBD's anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects help with everything from menstrual cramps and migraines, to eczema, burns, psoriasis and rosacea.

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Health Supplements

For Inner and Outer Wellness

A CBD coffee, cocktail, or smoothie all provide other ways of ingesting the wellness benefits of CBD as a supplement.

And BTW — treating gut inflammation is always a good idea .

This is my new favorite formula for its use as a tincture. Previously, I was into a product local to the Kansas City market and, though I seem to have seen effects a little quicker with it and as refreshing as it tastes, mint isn’t always my go-to flavor of happiness. I prefer to drop the tincture under my tongue in the mornings before I have anything to eat or drink, to both benefit from the anti-inflammatory effects, as well as to calm my nerves for the day ahead and get me into a relaxed, creative headspace.

As a topical, Lord Jones Royal Oil makes isolated areas feel much better very quickly, which of course makes my old bones squeal with glee. You can’t go wrong in this area, though I tend to use it mixed in with a moisturizer so that it lasts a little longer and so that my risk of accidentally concentrating it in an isolated area is low. I’ve also started to play around with mixing it into my facial products in the mornings, to boost my skin’s glow and overall health. Even celebrities like Alessandra Ambrosio, Jennifer Aniston, and Olivia Wilde swear by CBD-infused beauty products, which are popping up everywhere these days — including this non-toxic, CBD-infused lip-wrinkle filler and micro-dosed CBD lip gloss.

Lord Jones: Most Epic CBD Brand Ever? (Photo via High Times)

But as a mixer for my beverages? Pile it on! I’ve been loving it mixed in with my morning smoothies. Fruit, spinach, spirulina powder, collagen, chia, and so much happiness. Then I have the added bonus of a truly relaxing experience with just ¼ to ½ of a dropper. You can’t even tell it’s in there, and you don’t have to spend extra time adding it into your morning ritual!

Lord Jones — the company that came up with this absolute magic — specializes in manufacturing and distributing some of the world’s most notable CBD infused products right here in America. Learn more about how to buy the best CBD product for you from Beauty-Stoned's CBD shopping guide.

What’s your favorite CBD product on the market right now?

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