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Sustainable Luxury Loungewear Loved By Priyanka Chopra and Bella Hadid

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Stay warm while you chill.

Photo via Spring-London

WHO: Priyanka Chopra, Actress, Global Icon, and wife of Nick Jonas

WHEN: 18 March 2019

WHERE: JFK International Airport, New York City, NY

WHAT: Mandkhai Hoodie in White ($654) + Buckle Trousers ($594)

Chopra's style is absolutely to-die-for, media darling that she is. In this photo, the frequent jet-setter opts for casually luxurious separates by Mandkhai, a sustainable fashion line made from Mongolian cashmere to keep her cozy and comfortable in-flight.

While I am a longtime fan of the ABO, or all-black outfit, there is something to be said for a chic ensemble in head-to-toe white. Neutral-hued outfits swept Fashion Week this Spring, with the fashion trend spotted on runway models and street-style stars alike.

Photo via Mandkhai

The line, which has also been spotted on model Bella Hadid, is perfect for layering in cold weather. In fact, my favorite cold weather hack is wearing oversized cashmere beneath my warmest winter coat. If you've ever survived a New York winter, you already know that the ultra-soft blend is one of the best knit fabrics to layer for warmth.

While white is always a risky option — especially if you're prone to spilling — the minimalist collection is decidedly fashion-forward. But here are few colorful options from this gem of an eco-luxury line. Here's to staying warm — even while you chill — in celebrity-approved luxury loungewear.


Suit Blazer with Embroidery - Multi Flower ($851)


Hoodie ($654)


Buckle Trouser ($594)


Embroidered Jumper ($1,181)


Suit Blazer with Embroidery ($1,049)


Melange Jumper ($851)


Wide Leg Pants ($389)


Kimono Jacket ($772)


Side Panel Trouser ($389)


Yak Ribbed Coat ($1,979)

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