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5 Tips to Manifest Your Dreams... And New Year's Resolutions

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Capricorn season and the New Year both call for new beginnings and transformative results.

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It's the start of a new decade and the planetary transits in January are all about growth and transformation. I learned from Marie Satori that Capricorn season is perfect for long-term goal-setting and making a planned-out roadmap to your dreams. This type of goal-oriented planning is all about the consistency and hard work that you put into it.

To help you get your manifesting in order, here are a few tips from the absolutely magickal founder of Crafty Cake, Cierra Reeder. She is cute, small, and incredibly powerful — trust me, her tips and guidance are pure, metaphysical gold.

5 Manifesting Tips for Capricorn Season

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

(1) Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

Yes, gratitude is the secret key to manifesting abundance. But what you probably didn't know is how to specifically channel it, which is where Cierra comes in. "Reflect on your wins this year, and the synchronicities that aligned you with those opportunities," she begins. "Then, sit in gratitude for both!" Making a point to remember specific memories where you felt joyful, inspired, or “hashtag blessed” was one of my go-to tips as a clinician.

(2) Write down what you want.

One of the most important aspects of manifesting is to focus on what you want as if you already have it — not devoting any of your mental energy to what you don't want... And so it goes with our inner and outer goals. "Think about qualities and habits that attract the things you want to draw into your life," she says. "Write down ways to cultivate and embrace those in the new year." What you focus on amplifies, so be mindful to make it what you want more of.

(3) Take small steps that will lead to big changes.

Part of why manifesting takes time is that we need to painstakingly build ourselves up to a place of genuine belief. If miracles happened overnight, we would be less inclined to recognize them — let alone believe in them. When one of your goals will require funds, getting your funds in order can be an incredible way to believe in the future possibility. "Get your money in order!" Cierra emphasizes. She recommends getting an app, drawing up a budget, and setting up automatic transfers to get your savings account started.

(4) Consider the big picture.

Think about your legacy — as in, what you'll leave behind. "What would you like people to say about you when you leave this lifetime?" Cierra asks. "Always make moves with these things as your foundation." Remember that the intention behind your decisions matter; even if it doesn't seem like this makes a difference outwardly, it still impacts your sense of worthiness and self-alignment. Both of these feelings prime you to receive.

This last bit of advice reminds me of a Rumi quote I have always loved — "Move within, but don't move the way fear makes you move." During Capricorn season, make your actions meaningful, always with your goals in mind, rather than reacting in ways that can detract from your goal progress. This is advice I will definitely try to follow more in 2020; we'll see if it helps me manifest some big changes.

(5) Set those intentions!

Last, but not least, it's time to get clear with yourself — and with the universe (AKA a more expansive you) — about what your future will hold. Remember that the universe only understands 'yes,’ not 'no,’ and state things in the present to generate the feeling of already having it.

Cierra shares the following intentions for Capricorn season:

- I attract opportunities that are in alignment with my goals.

- I manifest a life I am proud to put my name on.

- I honor those who came before me and I accept their guidance with gratitude.

- I create my reality and I accept into my life that which motivates me to grow and thrive.

Now, here are a few fun purchases to make manifesting a breeze in 2020.


Savor Beauty The Savor Planner, $29.95

This is the ultimate wellness planner because it focuses on self-care care everyday. I like to think of time spent in mindful self-connection, particularly during yoga, as energy set aside or "sacrificed" to making dreams manifest. Plus, each 90-day interval allows you to set and track your progress on goals, which gives you a taste of what a Virgo's goal-attainment follow-up might look like. While this aspect of tracking goal progress might come naturally to Type A folks, trust that a little visualization can go a long way in helping Type B folks make — and keep — their commitments.


Crafty Cake Spell Kit, $12

Snatch up one of the orange kits for abundance. Cierra makes these simple spell kits for baby witches and newbies to magick, plus she makes it fun. One time when Tom was running late on his ride to the airport, Cierra came to my rescue with a little chant to repeat. All I can say is that his flight was delayed — but that also could have been due to Mercury retrograde.


Apothecary Co. New Moon Manifesting Mist, $29

This quartz- and citrine-infused aromatherapy spray helps to amplify the intentions you set inside and outside of your new moon rituals. It features bergamot and lime to super-charge each spritz with intention, and invites in positive energy needed for manifesting. "Harness this purposeful power during your wishing hour and make all your wishes come true," the website reads.


Sunday Forever Double the Magic Double Terminated Crystals, $28

I would go for opalite because it increases your personal power, boosts self-esteem, and enhances your sense of self-worth. All of these qualities have to do with receiving the fruits of your manifesting labors. When you feel unworthy, the doubt held in your unconscious mind blocks your receptivity to the abundance you're manifesting.


Bodhi Tree Smudge Essentials Box, $35

This cute little combo of sacred goods will help you clear the energy of the room and create a sacred space for your practice. Doing so in a ritualized way makes the preparatory act itself a mindful form of self-care.


The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, $11.89

There are so many manifesting books out there but this is the OG book that brought the concept of positive thinking and gratitude-empowered manifesting into the mainstream. If you haven't read it, then you must be very young. Back when I got into this stuff, it was not talked about, known about, or accepted the way it is today. We're a woo-woo generation. This book was one of the first steps to making it so.


The Good Hippie Resilience Essential Oil Roller, $14

The hardest part of manifesting is staying the course and keeping yourself motivated while you wait for any sign that your goals will be realized — and I say this from experience. Resilience is exactly what the situation calls for, helping you stay positive and continually tweak your thoughts to focus on the big picture, and on the progress (rather than the shortcomings).

You will face doubts and setbacks, but each time you learn to respond with resilience, you become stronger. Working through the self-doubt and worry is all a part of the path.


Hellen NYC Bath Brews — Shoot Into The Stars, $65

This is the perfect line for setting intentions and manifesting them, and I love that this reiki-charged bath brew contains citrine crystal, which will provide you with the abundance and uplifting vibes you will need to stay the course.

Each blend contains therapeutic grade, detoxifying salts, oils, flowers, and precious stones — yup, crystals! Soak for at least 20 minutes to enjoy the full effects of this ethereally uplifting bath brew.

In a way that is only truly understood by the energetically sensitive, Hellen is one of those beautiful souls whose healing energy you will most definitely want to accept into your life, your heart, and your manifesting practice.

She provides this intention to set: "Stimulate your power and optimism, while bringing playfulness into your life. Open up ideas and get in touch with your inner wisdom. Allow creativity to float to you from the cosmos. Inhale joyfully! Exhale and release your deepest dreams into the ether," she writes.


Printfresh Gilded Shoreline Small Velvet Journal, $20

Write about the process, journal about your experiences, or simply reflect in this lovely, velvet-bound journal. Shopping from the sustainable retailer Voloshin — where it is linked to — is supporting a business committed to making the fashion industry better.


Café Kitsuné Printed Ballpoint Pen, $10

To record it all in style, use one of these pens from the stylish coffee shop, cafe, and retailer in Paris.


Alex and Ani Amethyst Gemstone Adjustable Necklace, $98

A minimalist crystal pendant is a great way to incorporate the mystical stone into your everyday wardrobe. While Miranda Kerr stashes a crystal in her bra, a necklace makes the process easier.


Gorjana Third-Eye Chakra Bracelet, $35

The third-eye is the seat of your psychic perception and intuition. Wearing this pendant, which is inscribed with the Sanskrit symbol for the sixth chakra, can serve as a potent reminder to tune-in, while some believe wearing the color can stimulate the energy center.


Spiritual Gangster Foil Print Essential Leggings, $98

Not that what you wear is of major importance (although Kundalini practitioners wear all-white), but these cute gold foil-embellished leggings are both comfy and cute for getting into the nitty-gritty of manifesting.


Jennifer Behr Ayla Beanie, $475

Stay on-theme while keeping cozy in this hand-embroidered beanie with an evil eye to ward off bad vibes.


La Tierra Sagrada Hair Medicine, $42

I am a longtime fan of this hair oil, which contains the shamanic plant ayahuasca to open your crown chakra and enhance spiritual growth. I have written about this product and its therapeutic effects for mind, soul, and body extensively. I have even placed itty-bitty dots of the oil atop my dogs' heads before, and on Tom's crown when he was especially stressed with work.


Happy Socks Rainbow Stripe Sock, $16

Align all your chakras at once when you wear these rainbow striped socks. They don't follow the exact color scheme of the chakras, but they're still pretty cute.


Emma Mumford Law of Attraction Pencils, $2.59

Scribble in your notebooks with pencils that remind you of your essential, spiritual self — and your manifesting objectives.


Soul Cards, $55

This tarot deck, developed by psychic and spiritual medium Kristine Fredheim, will be launched mid-January 2020. Each deck of Major Arcana has 78 cards in a deck, available in either blush pink or black.


Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein, $12.99

This just got added to my wish list on Audible. From the OG book on manifesting, The Secret, to this latest launch by the popular Gabby Bernstein, you can literally never fill your mind with too many uplifting, high vibe thoughts. As you raise your frequency, your manifestations materialize!

Want to check out some more self-care essentials? Read on.

Some of these items include affiliate links for which I receive a small commission. Emphasis on small.

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