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Methylene Blue: The New Anti-Aging Ingredient for Sensitive Skin

This is actually really big news.

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The word on the street was once that rosehip oil is nature's best alternative to the anti-aging ingredient, retinol. It was the founder of the luxury skincare line Omorovicza who first confirmed to me that bakuchiol had indeed surpass the old favorite.

While retinol is hailed by dermatologists as the gold standard in anti-aging, it is often criticized for being too harsh for the skin. It fights acne, smoothes fine lines, lessens wrinkles, and exfoliates — but even I shunned the form of vitamin A for years. To this day, my skin still cannot tolerate it at prescription strengths without erupting in unsightly purging.

Many skincare brands have developed their own less sensitizing formulations of the active. Most notably, Verso's patented retinol8 is said to be eight times as effective, safe for sensitive skin, and non-photosensitizing — therefore safe for use during the day.

Sunday Riley Luna Oil

I usually prefer formulations that pair the active with anti-inflammatory ingredients. For instance, one of my favorite retinol products is Sunday Riley Luna Oil, $105, which features Blue Tansy. Another option is to apply a soothing ingredient like CBD post-application, for which an oil blend like Lueur Face Serum, $80, is ideal.

But for die-hard "clean beauty" enthusiasts, the ingredient — which makes its way into the bloodstream — remains controversial.

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In 2017, Dr. Kan Cao uncovered the newest, sensitive skin-friendly anti-aging alternative to hit the market: methylene blue. The dye and antioxidant has reportedly been used medicinally for decades, treating ailments from malaria to viruses.

Upon discovering it's skin-loving effects, a new world of possibility opened up for those with sensitive skin via the skincare line, Bluelene.

It was while researching Progeria, a rare genetic condition that causes children's bodies to age rapidly, Dr. Cao discovered methylene blue's ability to lengthen the life span of skin cells. She found that it also promoted wound-healing and strengthened the connective tissue in the skin.

The above results, from independently conducted clinical trials, confirm the anti-aging results associated with Bluelene, the anti-aging skincare line. The line consists of a skin-loving trio: eye cream, facial moisturizer, and night cream. Or, you can nab all three for a deal in the Bluelene Trio Gift Set, $100. Use code <LABORDAY20> to get 20% off your next order.

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