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This Line of Luxury Beauty Oils is Helping Koalas in Australia

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

They also leave your skin feeling like silk.

For genuine beauty-lovers, choosing and trying a new beauty oil is like having a new toy to play with. My favorite esthetician compares her client work to play-time, while a friend recently compared her skincare regimen to her barbies as a kid. Beauty enthusiasts consider skincare to be more than a favorite hobby; it's a passion. Throw an interest in wellness into the mix, and a botanical oil blend is like a buzzy new supplement for the face.

Some approach beauty strictly for results, but skincare-lovers are invested in the ritual. We consider more than just the clinical ingredient formulations. The process of researching, selecting, and faithfully crafting regimens make our products like little vehicles of self-love. After all, the cult of beauty is based on the alchemy of intention that transforms a regimen into self-care. For each of us, this practice is different, and efficacy, sourcing, craftsmanship, and even packaging can all come into play when choosing our next luxury beauty splurge.

Mileo New York is a line of meticulously concocted beauty oils. Each jewel-toned elixir, whether used alone or combined with another, is made from research-backed, botanically-derived actives that leave the skin feeling like silk. The line's signature component, oud, is an exclusive tree resin providing powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial protection to the skin. It also smells wonderful naturally. These oils are an expensive but precious treat for luxury skincare lovers.

Right now is the perfect time to try out their vitamin C oil, Amber Fort, $225 for 30 ml or $68 for 7 ml. The brand just announced that they are donating ten percent of proceeds from the oil, which includes soothing, anti-bacterial Australian Buddha Wood in its formula, to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. The Koala Hospital rescues, treats, and re-releases injured koalas that have been impacted by the devastating Australian bushfires, which experts estimate have impacted an estimated one billion animals. If one more Instagram of a refugee koala threatens to break your hearts, too, consider trying the versatile Amber Fort, which we have tested and love.

To give you an in-depth glimpse of the brand's signature brightening oil, know that it's an excellent addition to any regimen as it's the oil equivalent of a vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is a collagen-promoting, reparative antioxidant that boosts the efficacy of your SPF in preventing photo-damage. It's a core component of virtually every dermatologist-recommended, anti-aging regimen, and it is also great for treating hyperpigmentation (i.e., dark spots), aging, and uneven tone.

This particular blend smells wonderful and provides gentle exfoliation to slough away dark spots while it soothes and lights up your complexion. It contains botanical sources of vitamin C via German Seabuckthorn Berry, as well as bakuchiol (i.e., the industry's top retinol-alternative) derived from Indian Babchi seed, and delivers alpha hydroxy acids — as well as plumping, anti-wrinkle support — courtesy of Tunisian Roselle hibiscus (AKA the botox plant).

Other botanicals, like their signature oud, improve oxygenation, circulation, and cell regeneration. Because it's delivered in an oil form, it's supremely gentle and safe for the moisture barrier. As mentioned, virtually all the oils from the line leave the skin feeling unbelievably smooth.

It is hard to recommend any singular product from this impeccable, clean skincare line. Blending a drop of the red, collagen-boosting Collonges-La-Rouge and the pink, anti-inflammatory La Rose de Joell — what they have dubbed The Devotional Duo, $375 — provides an holistic-approved, anti-inflammatory, and comprehensively anti-aging boost of nutrients that target elasticity and the root causes of aging. Their yellow-hued Monte d'Oro contains tocotrienol, a supercharged form (roughly 50 times as potent) of vitamin E (which, by the way, pairs synergistically with vitamin C, if you’re into blending oils). The blue Maroc d'Azur delivers moisture that lasts thanks to hyaluronic acid and barrier-fortifying ceramides, and oily and combo skin types can try the balancing, green Labrynthe Vert.

With countless beauty oils on the market, shopping with black-and-white expectations is never the answer. There is no "single best skincare product" — and new products launch regularly. You would be cheating yourself of a plurality of beautifying masterpieces if you approached skincare thinking the answer lies in a one-size-fits-all solution. In an ideal world, everyone would have a bespoke lineup of products because we are all so unique.

However, vitamin C is near-universally recommended by dermatologists, and we are all after skin that glows. Hence Mileo New York Ambert Fort — which helps out the precious koalas in the devastating Australian bushfires — is the obvious place to start.

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