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13 New CBD Launches in Skincare, Beauty, and Wellness

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

The merging of beauty and wellness continues.

Hora x Poosh by Roxy Rodriguez

The widespread acceptance of CBD, or cannabidiol, as a wellness-promoting supplement and beauty ingredient continues — and with good reason. September welcomed a CBD panel at NYFW, new celebrity partnerships (including with the singer John Legend), and we even saw an Australian retailer — the self-proclaimed "Sephora of CBD" — pop onto our radar stateside.

CBD isolate is becoming so common that you can buy it at the grocery stores back home, as well as in France — on the same street as my school, Parsons Paris, no less. But this is only the tip of the medicinal iceberg. As for why, it all comes down to terpenes, those plant-specific, specialised healers which I wrote about on TheThirty on WhoWhatWear.

When it comes to selecting symptom-alleviating products, CBD isolate is only *part* of the solution. The degree of medicinal effects — whether you're seeking relief from pain, insomnia, stress, or inflammation — relies upon the inclusion of terpenes found in the hemp and cannabis plants. Many of the products we find on the market contain only CBD isolate; this makes them legal, but also drastically less effective.

Researchers are able to isolate the specialised healers found within the hemp and cannabis plants, creating symptom-specific terpene blends that can make your CBD products most effective. This is something that green beauty champions — like Tina Hedges, founder of LOLI Beauty, and the makers of my holy grail product line, Priya Apotheca — have long been telling me.

While we wait for the judiciary branch to catch up to the research, we continue to hear of findings legitimising both CBD and cannabis as medicine. This past week, I received news from Pascal Biosciences substantiating the long-held belief that cannabinoids can aid in cancer treatments by making tumor cells more identifiable by the immune system. (I immediately forwarded to a dear friend with brain cancer who has been with me every step of the way in my advocacy for clean beauty.)

For now, just know that products you buy at a dispensary will pack more of a symptom-combatting punch. As a general rule, broad- and full-spectrum products targeting stress-reduction, sleep, pain-reduction, and more, will be more effective than those containing only CBD-isolate.

Until then, keep supporting the flourishing CBD market in beauty and wellness by sampling the new launches below.



Hora x Poosh

Moisturizing Powerhouse Bundle: Hyaluronic Halo + CBD, Derma Roller, $71

Kourtney Kardashian fell for the same brand that makes my favourite exfoliating overnight mask. Her blog, Poosh, collaborated with Hora Skincare to launch this impressive new duo for moisturization: the Hyaluronic Halo CBD Serum, $50, and Derma Roller, $26.

From an ingredient standpoint, the formula is both holistic and anti-inflammatory — philosophies I increasingly adhere to these days. It incorporates hyaluronic acid for visible hydration (i.e. wrinkle-smoothing plumpness), Niacinamide (vitamin B3) to retain this moisture, and the potent, brightening antioxidant vitamin C. The cherry on top is the 200 mg of skin-loving CBD, which is the ideal active following invasive techniques like derma-rolling, micro-needling, and laser.

Kourtney's foray into beauty is gentle, cruelty-free, paraben free and vegan, and scores a 1 on the EWG's scale, a green consumer group that rates beauty products' levels of toxicity. All beauty brands and retailers should be required to do this ethically, but they aren't. Way to go, Kourt!


KINGDM Cosmetics by Kush Queen

Foto Blur CBD Primer 250 mg, $40

KINGDM is the beauty brand by Kush Queen, makers of cannabis-infused bath bombs. My hunch is that the 250 mg of CBD in the formula will prevent the irritation and texture I normally get from primer. This is one of the more innovative new cosmetic launches in CBD for someone with skin that is irritable AF.


Elina Organics

CBD Ageless Wrinkle Filling Serum, $38

I love this company because the founder has an incredible background in holistic skincare and CBD, as well as familiarity with research on topics like the bio-imprinting of crystals and energetic chi transmission. I wrote about why I believe this is totally applicable to our skincare products on nécessité.com, and love knowing that her philosophy is behind the formula above.

As for the specifics, it contains collagen-restoring ingredients that can improve elasticity, preventing crepe-iness and wrinkles.


Code of Harmony

Acid Trip Exfoliating Melt, $14

Vegan, cruelty-free skincare line Code of Harming launched this gentle exfoliating mask. It contains naturally-occurring acids including Malic and Tartaric acids, as well as more common exfoliating acids, like Lactic, Glycolic, and Citric acids. You leave it on for five to ten minutes, and use it three to four times per week for a gentle exfoliation.

Their also have a Chill Gel Masque, $16-56, that is the mask equivalent of the Hora x Poosh serum, with 120 mg CBD. It also has gotu kola (or centenella asiatica) and antioxidant CoQ-10, which are all buzz words in the skincare industry.


Sweet + Kind Co.

A Highly Dynamic Duo: High Luxe Illuminating Serum + Ultimate Moisturizer, $78

The serum contains 15 mg and the moisturiser contains 30 mg derived from Colorado-grown hemp extract. Along with it, this clean beauty brand incorporates anti-aging peptides, vitamin A and E-rich sweet almond oil, hydrating avocado, soothing aloe, and sebum-balancing/anti-inflammatory neroli. I also find their name to be highly amusing.


Mazz Hanna

Smoky Quartz Infusion Foot Spray, $55

Celebrity manicurist Mazz Hanna's newest CBD-infused launch is for your feet. It contains hydrating aloe leaf juice, essential oils, and hemp extract that have been amplified by the presence of a shaman-blessed, smoky quartz crystal. Hint: The spearmint it contains will make it feel great after a long day of walking or a night out in heels.



Tri Sleep Strip Complex - Single 10 Pack, $39

Sleep is so important for every element of your wellness, health, sanity — and beauty. That's why if you're having difficulty falling or staying asleep — from a restless mind, or poor sleep schedule — ABLE CBD's responsibly-sourced, pharmacist-developed products can help. In addition to a CBD + Melatonin Sleep Tablets, $75, the line just launched these sublingual CBD strips with excellent (as in, 90-95%) rates of absorption. They are one-of-a-kind and I cannot wait to try them!



CBD Body Lotion, $60

I love layering moisturizer over body oil and can only imagine how a blend infused with 500 mg CBD could benefit my dry, itch-prone legs. Right now I've been using a body oil by Simper Goods, Afterglow, layering it under the ceramide-rich rescue cream by Epionce. It's a winning combination but I have yet to discover what would happen by throwing CBD into the mix.


Lord Jones Exclusively For Tamara Mellon

Stiletto Cream, $70

This is definitely something I could personally use, as heels and even boots end up leaving my feet in pain. Experientially speaking, this is truly an ingenious launch. Page Six even reported that Amy Sedaris relied on the above product while walking the Emmy's red carpet, while both Mandy Moore and Michelle Williams have also tried it out. Lord Jones is definitely the most bougie CBD brand, but I love them; I personally rely on their CBD-infused lotion and oil for pain relief (i.e. cramps), and Tom loves their gum drops.



Sigma 300 mg, $99

The Australian CBD-retailer offers this nanotized version of CBD, which uses N-osmo technology to shrink the molecules, allowing them to absorb faster than any other form of the supplement. Each serving has 10 mg bio-available Cannabidiol to provide stress-relief in as little as 15 minutes — but up to six hours. The brand has clearly done their research — touting the effects of the compound's specialised healers, terpenes.


Bathing Culture

Dipsea Bath Soak, $30

This wellness blend was inspired by the mineral hot springs in California! It's made up of detoxifying salts, purifying green sea clay, essential oils, and soothing CBD will take your bath into self-care territory in twenty minutes (literally).


NxN Beauty

Clear Skin Elixir, $27

This is a product we could all benefit from occasionally, as it's designed to enhance the efficacy of our skincare products — just from within. It's gluten free, organic, and filler-free, while being jam-packed with stress-reducing adaptogens like Ashwaghanda and Theanine, hormone-balancing Vitex Chasteberry, vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidant-packed berries.


Plus Products

Sleep, $35

Each hemp-sourced CBD gummies includes 25mg CBD and 1 mg melatonin per bite, along with zen-inducing infusions of blackberry chamomile flowers (i.e. tea), to help you fall asleep. I've included these because they were developed in collaboration with Casper Sleep and the singer, John Legend, but the brand also makes uplifting and balancing blends containing 750mg CBD, both of which I would also love to try.

Note that Plus Products also creates a line of THC-infused products for sale at over 360 retailers in the state of California. It will be a while before I get to sample these babies, but they would be my top choice as the terpenes from the cannabis plant are as fabulous as they are hard to come by.

Want to work CBD into your back-to-school regimen? Here's how.

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