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The Makers of My Holy Grail Eye Cream Just Launched this New Duo for Lids

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Tend to les yeux, ladies.

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An old friend once told me that you can always tell a woman's age by her hands. Rude! But also right. Places like the eyes, neck, and hands can give away your age. It's not PC to make "anti-aging" remarks, but as a lifelong possessor of granny hands (I rode horses growing up — sometimes without gloves!), I am eerily aware of my old-looking digits.

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As much as I want to promote self-acceptance, the truth is my age-sensitive skin zones — eyes, hands, and neck — could all benefit from intensive TLC. Top OC dermatologists tell me that among first-time users of injectable neurotoxins like Botox, the crow's feet are the most popular request.

In my personal experience, eye crinkles and a lifetime of late nights began to etch their way onto my face the closer I got to 30. Crepe-y eyelid texture — an even newer discovery — came onto my radar after testing a few eyeshadow sticks for FabFitFun.

The eyes have always been special because of their ability to convey intimacy. Powerful eye contact is a strong suggestion of whatever you want it to be. I'm pretty sure that my eyes singlehandedly landed me my first (and then my last) beau!

The Cosmetic Anti-Aging Approach

To keep your eye area looking youthful, you have a number of options.

For deepening under-eye hollows that come with age, consider dermal fillers. Before your preconceived notions about cosmetic dermatology and injectables arise, know that these water-retaining, hyaluronic fillers counteract darkened, sunken under-eyes, whether due to age or bone structure, better than anything else.

Since the area is delicate, don't settle for anything less than the best. Book a consultation with an expert whose past experience includes blending and placing under-eye filler. And be forewarned that tricky procedure will cost ya. My recommended pick would be the signature EyeBrite procedure by Dr. Kassabian of LiftMD, which runs in the ballpark of $4,500, and is unique in that it features only a single needle prick per eye.

The Luxury Skincare Approach

That being said, my budget does not allow for these mini eye lifts. I haven't had time for regular facials in over a year. That's why I still believe in splurging on luxury skincare products. Your skin is the largest organ on your body; investing in it's well-being is not something you are going to regret.

Orveda Eye Unveiled 422, $234 + 111Skin Space Defense Eye Lift Gel, $190

Certain top-shelf eye creams really do deliver visible results. My favorite eye cream, Orveda Eye Unveiler 422, $234, a high end, vegan option, uses prebiotics — food for the good bacteria on your skin — and a specialized concentration of ceramides — the building blocks of skin cells — to repair the skin's moisture barrier, brighten, and hydrate. I layer it under oil eye serums and have noticed an incredible reduction in under eye lines.

According to YouTuber Kandee Johnson, another top-shelf lid-saver that's worth the splurge is 111Skin Space Defense Bright Eye Lift Gel, $190. She told me the technology was partly developed by NASA, and that she likes this product more than their pricy black diamond option.

They're expensive, but they're the best.

Orveda Biotic Full Eyes Duo, $89

Now you can appreciate the accessibility of Orveda's newest launch: Biotic-Full Eyes Duo, $89. Comparatively speaking, this duo of tone-correcting skincare products — that rock cosmetics-like results — is a steal.

It consists of two separate products for use on upper and lower lids. Up top, a pale pink "cement" smoothes crepe-y skin with a lifting-effect. The under-eye area is treated with a color-correcting peach mousse that masks blue and brown undertones, treating shadows, hollowness, and redness.

The lid cement achieves the anti-wrinkle function using organic oat protein, while two botanically-derived extracts, Bisabolol and Plantago Lanceolata, soothe away redness. For the under-eye, two different forms of moisture-grabbing, wrinkle-filling hyaluronic acid is delivered along with botanical glycerin, Argan oil, and almond oil.

Note: I have not gotten a chance to try this launch yet. However, I am familiar with the brand. Part of what I love about Orveda is their reliance upon cutting-edge science that ensures results and quality. Since they're in the luxury market, they can afford to use only the best. I cannot wait to try!

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