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I Tried a Clean, Powder Shampoo and This is What Happened

OWA Haircare is a must-try.

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I Tried a Clean, Powder Shampoo and This is What Happened

by Katherine Sinner

Finding a good shampoo can be like scaling a mountain in stilettos — frustrating and unnecessarily difficult. Especially now that we, as consumers, are beginning to pay more attention to the ingredients in our products, it's important to find a haircare regimen that not only works for your hair type, but is also actually good for your hair!

I've recently begun experimenting with something very new to me. I'm using a hair wash powder created by a clean, cruelty-free haircare company called OWA Haircare. The water-activated powder is part of the brand's Moondust Collection, boasting a potent, filler-free, vegan formula featuring naturally-derived ingredients. In addition to being a more sustainable option than liquid shampoo, there are no sulphates, parabens, silicones, or synthetic colors/fragrances.

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I was skeptical. My hair is quite thick. How well could a powder really clean my hair? I must say, this shampoo blew my expectations out of the water. I poured some of the powder onto my hand while in the shower, and rubbed my hands together to create a rich lather. I massaged it into my scalp and worked it through to the ends.

After rinsing it out, I noticed that my hair didn't feel desperately dry. It was clean, but it didn't feel stripped of it's natural oils. My hair felt so smooth that I hardly needed a conditioner! Personally, I still decided to use one, though, because my hair is so thick. But I'd venture to say that it's not even necessary after using this shampoo. It's amazing!

I let my hair dry naturally, and didn't apply any styling products. I really wanted to test my hair's response. My natural hair was radiant after using OWA's Moondust — so smooth and shiny! Even the next day, my hair was still fairly clean. It wasn't as oily as it usually would be on day two.

The verdict? This is a great product for cool hair types and is definitely effective. Shop for it at the clean beauty retailer Credo Beauty.

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