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7 Skincare and Wellness Hacks for Back to School Season and Beyond

Summer may be over, but our self-care is just getting started.

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7 Skincare and Wellness Hacks for Back to School Season and Beyond

by Meredith Schneider

Whether you’re entering a new year at university, working on wellness as a young adult, or simply trying to get a handle on your health, "back to school" season brings both change and new beginnings.

This makes personal growth more appropriate than ever. In the interest of starting the academic year off strong, try devoting a little more time to your personal self-care routine. To help, I've tested out the products below so that you won't have to spend valuable time and money on experiments.

Preparing for this piece has been an absolute whirlwind. Each product has been a staple in my ritual for weeks — save for two that I’d love to try in the near future. My post-collegiate self is drooling over the selection. I recommend each of them for anyone in need of a "treat yo-self" moment and, of course, results.

Here are my top skincare and wellness hacks for back to school season — and beyond.


Goldfaden MD

Detox Hydrating Gel for Problematic/Congested Skin, $68

This moisturizer is ideal for all weather environments. As someone who relies on moisturizer for a plethora of outdoor events (during the ever-changing climate of a midwest summer *and* during my adventures as a musician photographer and journalist) this one has actually been a game changer. While it promises to help clear skin to support a “clear and radiant looking complexion,” it goes above and beyond that call.

I’m not going to lie, I have what you'd call "problem skin." Most mornings I was putting on a heavy cream or moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated. Upon application, it sometimes felt like I had been outside sweating for hours because most of my go-to picks were heavy-duty, overnight moisturizers.

With this lightweight gel moisturizer, I haven’t experienced that at all. My skin feels balanced — firm, almost, like I haven’t moisturized, but completely supple to the touch. I recently took the 1.7oz bottle to the PNW for a weekend getaway. Two members of my family tried this BHA Skin Balancing Moisturizer. We have all been brand loyal to a skincare line for decades but unanimously gave it full marks all around!

Another cool tidbit? Goldfaden MD is a green skincare line developed by an actual dermatologist. This particular gel contains anti-inflammatory salicylic acid which makes it ideal for fending off breakouts. Just don't forget to wear sunscreen!


Physician's Choice

Physician’s Choice Women’s Probiotic, $24

Whether you’ve moved away or you’re still under the same roof, you won’t be treating your body the way your parents tried to teach you to once the stressful schedule of the school year begins. The least you can do is make sure to get in your daily probiotic.

I currently swear by the new Physician’s Choice formula of Women’s Probiotic. It’s a simple, tiny pill taken once a day that promises digestive and immune support, with the added benefit of feminine health efforts. That’s right. You can kick your cranberry pill habits when experiencing urinary tract health issues, because this probiotic will keep those demons at bay.

As someone who has struggled with stomach issues on and off during her entire adult life, this has been the easiest way for me to get my daily dose. I have been through capsules, liquids, pills, yogurts, and all forms of kombucha — many of which I still use — but no longer rely on them to keep my stomach pain down. Taking one of these capsules in the morning has reduced my symptoms tremendously.

Check out the entire Physician’s Choice supplemental line if you’re considering other health factors in your every day life. We also highly recommend the probiotics by Probiogen.


Sonder Grace

Photo via Meredith Schneider

Sonder Grace Full Spectrum CBD Organic Hemp Oil (Lemon), $40-100

The throes of class and/or a new work environment can really toss you through a loop. The good news? CBD oil can help to calm that racing pulse. Having tried many different brands of CBD tincture, one of my favorites is the Sonder Grace lemon formula.

Whether you choose to drop it under your tongue like a tincture (my preferred method of CBD consumption), or mix it with a cup of tea or warm citrus water in the mornings, it will leave you with peace of mind while you’re en route. It can also help to ease common mental symptoms associated with stress, including — but certainly not limited to — both depression and anxiety (including postpartum onset).


Moroccan Elixir

Photo via Meredith Schneider

Revitalize Hair and Scalp Tonic, $30

When I went off to college, I was in a completely different climate. Talk about recalibration. And as someone with naturally curly hair, I found it almost impossible to tame amidst the bay air. (OK I went to college in San Diego overlooking the ocean. Boo hoo.)

But if I had had access to something like Moroccan Elixir’s scalp and hair oil while my hair was adjusting to the new salt air? I probably would have spent way less time on undeniably wild hair.

This stuff is like gold for your scalp. Argan, rosemary, and cypress work together to reduce inflammation, protect from sun damage (hello summer), to support the metabolism of the hair , and to stimulate growth. It smells flipping amazing, and pairs well with CBD for a night of relaxation. (Between textbooks, of course.)


Felix & Ambrosia

Sunny Daze Glitter CBD Sunscreen, $15-40

I didn’t experience this beauty of a product for myself until I was at a music festival this summer. Of course, music festivals are increasingly the place to show off your style. If I went even five minutes without seeing someone who looked like they dipped themselves in glue and glitter, then I would probably start to question what alternate reality I had become a part of.

For what it’s worth, glitter can be fun — especially when it’s helping to protect you.

Like this sunscreen. Felix & Ambrosia have concocted an SPF 30 formula that not only boasts biodegradable plant cellulose glitter (Hi! We aren’t contributing to the killing of our earth!), but contains hypoallergenic CBD isolate. If ever there were a perfect product for a festival, it’s this.

The good news? Glitter sunscreen is perfect for the last of the sunny days on the quad, late nights out in the city with friends, at your next big concert or event, and beyond.


WOW Skin Science

Photo by Meredith Schneider

10in1 Miracle ACV Mist Tonic, $15

I know better than most that starting school up again oftentimes means losing the majority of your own space. (I shared a room made for just two residents with two additional foreign athlete residents who didn’t have items of their own and used my things constantly.) Condense your necessities with this almighty tonic from WOW Skin Science.

As part of Amazon's top-selling beauty line's apple cider vinegar collection — which cleanses the skin in partnership with hydrating aloe vera, rosewater, lavender and tea tree essential oils, antioxidant-rich green tea, and healing witch hazel extracts — this single tonic can be used as a hair mask, face toner, in-shower rinse, and more.

My favorite uses? As a toner after I wash my face in the mornings, or as a hair rinse 1-2x per month! With all of the added stressors of new living and working environment, perhaps even tighter funds, you can still dedicate yourself to hair and skincare benefits.

You don’t want to pass this baby up.


B. Chill Honey

Raw Honey and Hemp, $50

If someone had warned us how exhausting college would be — even in just the first few months — we would have made it a point to get an electric tea kettle and some honey for our constant sore throats (due to the almost never-ending common colds that swept through the dorms). Lucky you, CBD honey exists now. I know because my neighbour recently let me use a little bit in my evening tea.

I was so calm for the remainder of the evening, which didn’t last very long — I was out like a light within the hour. As someone who does struggle with sleep issues that have, admittedly, died down a bit since my college days, I know that insomnia wreaks havoc on a lot of young adults. Help to prevent oncoming sickness, promote restful sleep, and reduce stress levels by stocking up on B.Chill’s blissful CBD honey. (I know I will bee! HA!)


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