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tökr Now Delivers Weed in Los Angeles

Calling all cannabis-loving creatives!

Photo via The Confluence

If you live in Los Angeles, you can now order cannabis products — both CBD and THC — from tökr. The brand focuses on quality and safety, partnering only with brands that offer top-shelf, life-enhancing products for cannabis consumers. They vet each brand that they carry and ensure compliance with the California Code of Cannabis Regulations set forth by the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

According to Matt Singer, CEO and founder, "As the industry continues to evolve, we are partnering with the highest quality brands that are striving to expand the appeal of cannabis. Consumers across all lifestyles now have the ability to connect to cannabis through an approachable user experience curated just for them with the convenience of on-demand delivery."

In case you haven't tried it yourself, weed delivery is even better than Postmates or Deliveroo, the French version of Postmates and Doordash. Tökr's efforts to become a premium canna-delivery service you can trust provides an admirable, easy to use experience as a virtual dispensary for both CBD and THC — which they've launched in California, and hope to make available throughout the United States eventually.

To celebrate the startup, they hosted a series of weed-themed events to kick-off the launch beginning last summer. The most recent was the "Cannabis and Creativity" event, which took place at The Confluence Headquarters in LA. Truth be told, it looked amazing — but I sadly had to miss it because of my move to Paris.

Photo via The Confluence

Among the offerings were THC-infused snow cones by Mood33, THC- and CBD-infused cocktails by Artet, and hors d'oeuvres by Chef Mike Magliano of Gusto Green to keep munchies at bay. To satisfy every kind of munchies, there were chocolates, gummies, and non-infused candies, as well as an offering of Southern California's delicious Mexican food by Junior's taco bar.

Of course, there were joints, edibles, vapes, and flower, as well as all sorts of goodies to ingest and dabble in — both psychoactive and not. The creativity portion included body painting, tattoos, murals by Clinton Bopp, and musical programming that included the Redline Horns, Erik Zayne, and a set by DJ Shiva.

Oh yeah — did I mention that they also had one of my favorite CBD beauty newcomers prsent, celebrity manicurist Mazz Hanna, who provided hand massages and creativity-inspired crystals that have been blessed by a shaman?

Photo via The Confluence

Even though smoking makes me an anti-social hermit (albeit extra creative), somewhere between the psychoactive snowcones and Mazz Hanna's mystical line, I caught a major dose of FOMO.

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