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Ulta Gets in On the CBD Skincare Game with Launch of Cannuka

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

It's official: CBD beauty has arrived and isn't going anywhere.

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Following Neiman Marcus' top-shelf endorsement of "high"-end beauty and wellness products containing CBD, the mass beauty retailer Ulta has just signed off on the trend as well. Their announcement comes via the incorporation of hemp-sourced CBD beauty brand, Cannuka, which will now be sold in all but fifteen of their locations nation-wide.

Cannuka's five-piece skin- and body-care collection — which ranges from a lush CBD Calming Eye Balm ($38) to a CBD Nourishing Body Cream ($28) — offers an exciting sampler in the online exclusive "minis" set. The kit lets you try the entire collection for under 50 bucks! As of right now, it's sold out, which speaks to the future success of beauty's buzzy ingredient.

Cannuka Online Only Minis Collection ($45)

Ulta's willingness to get behind the green beauty trend makes it official: CBD skincare has arrived and it isn't going anywhere. While Neiman Marcus' luxury endorsement speaks to the niche's anticipated long-term success, Ulta's new stock officially makes CBD beauty products available to the mainstream. Aside from niche-specific launches that advertised CBD to the "cannabis-curious," the nationwide chain's clientele represent a truly massive audience.

Aside from the "squares" (jk) — i.e. fifteen stores throughout Nebraska, South Dakota, and Idaho — that will miss out on Ulta's CBD launch, this mainstream endorsement marks tremendous progress towards destigmatization efforts. In fact, this represents one of the least-specialized markets to now have the opportunity to engage with non-psychoactive, hemp-sourced merch.

The anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD range from the potential to squash breakouts, rashes, and hives, to imparting a plethora of skin-healing qualities derived. Getting cannabis-sourced CBD beauty products into nation-wide chains could still take a while, but this launch still indicates a major win for the cannabis community.

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