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Washable Silk Camis with Built-In Bras = Jackpot

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Every girl should own one (in every color).

Photo by pawel szvmanski on Unsplash

BL.TOPS have taken one of the most stylish staples and made it easy to wear. Forget the stick-on nippies — it has a built-in bra. Don't worry about it slouching too low, the straps are adjustable. And rather than procrastinating on taking it to the dry cleaners, you can throw it right in the wash.

I have one in black and want every color. They're a desk-to-date no-brainer, but can be worn casually for some Cool-girl edge. There's nothing more to say because I think they really sell themselves.


Photo via BL.TOPS via @beelievedahype

Signature Silk Cami - Midnight Black, $128


Photo via BL.TOPS via @simplygailg

Signature Silk Cami - Navy Blue, $128


Signature Silk Cami - Metallic Grey, $128

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