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Hypochlorous Acid: What It Does For Your Skin

It's a must in your toner.

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Dr. Nadia Musavvir, ND, gave me the deets on hypochlorous acid, the latest skincare ingredient to obsess over. In a nutshell, the gentle acid is both anti-microbial, which makes it acne-clearing, and immune-boosting. It also helps to stimulate epidermal healing, making it great for reducing scarring. Even if you have eczema-prone skin — which is characterized by hypersensitivity due to a compromised moisture barrier — the immune-boosting skincare products put out by Tower28 will be gentle enough for you.

Photo via Tower28

These are all excellent qualities in a toner. Toner is applied after cleansing, restoring the pH of your skin and prepping it for subsequent products. Although tempting, toner should not be skipped because the right one can make or break your complexion.

Cult-favorites like Biologique Recherche Lotion P50V and Proactiv's glycolic and witch hazel (but toxic and unclean) formula have both played prominent roles in my past regimens.

But the skin changes as we age and requires different forms of TLC. Mine has been causing me a lot of grief lately. Moving to Paris, France — and all the stress that comes with an international move with two dogs in tow — left my complexion in tatters. All was clear until my period started somewhere between LA and Paris, and I still haven't recovered.

I find that relief these days increasingly comes from anti-inflammatory ingredients that are gentle and healing for the skin. Ingredients like CBD and phyto-Epidermal Growth Factor have been particularly great for me. As I've recently learned, hypochlorous acid, or HOCl, is another one of the limited ingredients that my finicky skin can tolerate.

I started using Tower 28 SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray, $28, on July 29 — our first day in the RV before our cross-country road trip. It was ideal, because I had just undergone a Clear + Brilliant laser treatment. As far as lasers go, Clear + Brilliant is relatively gentle, but it still entails resurfacing the complexion which makes sanitization and healing top priorities. Thanks to its anti-microbial properties, the cruelty-free, vegan face mist is great for stopping emerging blemishes.

The toner is non-toxic and contains only three ingredients: hypochlorous acid, triple-filtered, electrolyzed water, and salt. Since HOCl is naturally found in your body, it's basically guaranteed not to cause adverse reactions. While it's normally unstable when exposed to air, Tower 28 reportedly spent eight years stabilizing the active ingredient within the triple-filtered solution.

You apply the toner by spritzing it liberally onto your face. Allow it to air dry before applying subsequent products. Waiting can be a pain, but in my opinion, it actually makes a difference.

If you want to check out more from the clean beauty brand, I've been using their chamomile and green tea extract-infused SuperDew Shimmer Free Highlighter Balm, $18, daily. Dewy skin is a beauty world darling and this balm provides a sweaty-sexy glint, and also works like an eye balm. Shop for the above products — as well as the line's lip jellies — at clean retailers like Credo Beauty.

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